Results of the 12th Lake Tahoe Marathon
Week of Events September 25 -30, 2007


Next year's Marathon will be Sunday September 28

Please send any  interesting stories you may have to the
Ring Master.

Please tell us how we did by taking our exit survey.

And please come run the  Maui  15K & 5K  
January 13, 2008 on the Island of Maui



Missing your Name and Time or see and  error  in the results?

Contact Eric Ewing, our timer, who will find you.

Contact Milliseconds  for any discrepancies
or for corrections .  

If you still have a timing chip,
please put it a padded envelope and mail to:
Milliseconds Sports Timing,
463 W 3600 S
Salt Lake City, UT, 84115

To Receive your Award

If you were not able to pick up your awards at the Awards Party Saturday night at the Horizon Casino Hotel, you now may send a check for $7 and a mailing label and they will be mailed to you
by one of our volunteers.

Send your check for $7 and an address label to: 

 Leilani Connolly
PO Box 10594
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158


For Triple & Ultra Awards and sweat shirts (please include sweat shirt size)  
send $10 and a mailing label to:

Austin Angell
PO Box 1521
South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96156

Wednesday September 26

Extreme Golf

Thursday September 27

Kayak & Swim
Thursday or 1st Day of the  Triple Marathon

Friday September 28

 Bike Races

Friday or 2nd Day Triple Marathon

Saturday September 29

Overall Triple Marathon
Super Triple
The Mid-night Express 72 Mile Lake Tahoe Ultra
50 Mile Time for the 72 Mile Ultra

Hand Crank Wheelchair
20 Mile Power Walk or Run
Half Marathon- Overall
10K- Overall

2 Person Marathon Relays
5 Person Marathon Relays

Thursday-Friday-Saturday September 27-29
3-Day Triathlon

Funday Sunday September 30
Kids Fun Runs

See your Race Photos at the link below:


Go to Brightroom the official Lake Tahoe Marathon race photographer to see your race photo. Type in "Tahoe" only to get the full menu of events, including last year's pictures. Then click on "photo browser" to see all pictures of the event or just your bib  number. For the swim, kayak, bike, kids runs, and if your number is not exposed, this is the way to find your picture and your new friends.


See and add to Runners Candid Photo's










 Rubicon Point
by Jenny Antonucci  2007