Early answers to the most FAQ.

Check back to this page closer to race day.
Updated Feb 13, 2015

  1. The LTM is a Boston Marathon qualifier.
  2. Average temperature for Oct 11  is 32 degrees during the coldest part of night and 63 degrees day time temperature.
  3. Awards are presented to Marathoners at the beach front finish area on the podium.
  4. Numbers are not mailed out. Pick them up at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel on Friday or Saturday
  5. Triple & Trifecta,  & Emerald Bay Full & Half marathon pickups are on Thursday  and location will be announced.
  6. On Friday you may pick up your number at the start line for a bottle of Merlot.
  7. Kayak, SUP and  Swimmers pick up at Pope Beach Saturday morning at the Pope Beach venue.
  8. There is race day registration for the Kayak and Swim on Friday at Pope Beach.
  9. Sunday start line number pick ups will incur a bottle of wine, 6 pack of beer or $10 convenience fee payable at time of pick up. (for our volunteer party)
  10. No one else will be allowed to pick up your race number without a Xerox copy of your photo ID and $10 contribution to the volunteer party. (Or beer or wine)
  11. Do not let anyone else use your number. It screws up the results, among other things.
  12. No race day registration on Sunday.
  13. You need to have a race number  and wrist band to  board the shuttle buses from the So Tahoe Transit Center (next to the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel)..
  14. No wrist band needed for other locations.
  15. You need to reserve a seat at the expo for all buses that leave from next to the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel at the STC (Stateline Transit Center).
  16. No wrist band needed to board at the paid Camp Richardson $10 parking area (across from the Pope Beach finish line)
  17. Also no wrist bands needed to board at the free TJ Maxx parking area at the Y. (H50 & H89 intersection)
  18. The north bound lane from near Spring Creek north of Camp Richardson is closed at 7 a.m. and reopens at noon
  19. The south bound lane is open but with many race related delays.
  20. The Sunday finish line closes at 3 p.m. for all races except the Ultra
  21. Race numbers can be picked up at the expo Saturday until 7 PM, but the Expo closes at 4PM on Saturday.
  22. Your first name will be printed in large font on your scenic race number if registered by September 12  noon..
  23. All events of the Triple Marathon and Trifecta Half Marathon can be entered as an individual event (a la carte).
  24. Race Tech Shirts will be passed out at the expo or the finish line first come on a first come, first serve basis.
  25. Shuttle Bus schedules will be on the back of your race bib.
  26. No confirmations will be sent out. You can confirm your entry using the confirmation link on the web page.
  27. You must hand your  photo ID verifying your ID and age to pick up your race number.
  28. Pick up your race number  at the Sports & Fitness Expo at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel   Friday 5-9 PM, Saturday 9 am to 7 pm,  (located  CA side  of the  state line on the south shore of South Lake Tahoe next to Harrah's Casino..
  29. Event changes can be made at the Expo  for a $10 change fee. Pick up your old number and bring it to the cashier.
  30. Your race bibs are like an air line ticket. No refunds, no transfers, your need your photo ID to pick it up at the expo or start line.
  31. 98% of our runners come from further than 50 miles.
  32. 98% of our runners are flatlanders.
  33. 99.999% registered on line
  34. 60% of our athletes are female.
  35. It takes 5 to 6 weeks for your body to create enough new red blood cells to become a "local", fully acclimatized to the altitude.
  36. A 3 hour marathon runner will run the Tahoe Marathon 6 minutes slower than at sea level marathon with similar terrain and 12 minutes slower for a 4 hour marathoner.
  37.  Aid stations are located at: 2.5, 4.5, 6.4, 6.8,  8.5, 9.6, 11.0, 11.4, 13.6, 14.9, 15.3, 16.2,16.9, 17.1, 18.1, 19, 20, 21.7, 22.9, 24, 24.6 and 25.2. All will serve water, most will serve Ultima Replenisher, and snacks .
  38. Future Lake Tahoe Marathon dates will be October 8-11, 2016
  39. Our other Marathon is the www.MauiOceanfrontMarathon.com on January 17, 2016 and January 15, 2017.
  40. No refunds are given. Your entry fees help to support local youth scholarships, school teams and clubs. Please don't ask. See Charities.
  41. This event is basically support by your race fees. We have one cash sponsor.
  42. Yes, there will be shuttle buses from the Pope Beach finish back to Stateline and the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel with stops along the way.
  43. A Pre Race shuttle bus leaves from Tahoe City  from in front of the Tahoe Mt. Brewing Company across from Commons Beach  to the Half Marathon and 10K start lines.
  44. The post race buses return to Tahoe City  at: see shuttle bus line elsewhere. Park your car at Camp Richardson and take the shuttle to the start if you will finish after these times.
  45. Marathoners may drop off clothes at the 2.1 mile aid station (Sunnyside Resort) and fish for them at the finish line.
  46. If you signed up for the Marathon Walk or 20 Mile Walk you may run or walk as you please.
  47. Walkers will start with the runners, but line up at the back of the pack.
  48. All Sunday events will have warm up bags delivered back to the finish line.
  49. The post event shuttle will leave frequently from in front of the finish area and will drop runners off  along Hwy 50 at the closest point to your housing on the way back to the Expo
  50. There is a special shuttle bus that will go between the free parking at the Y parking area across from the Tahoe Valley Post Office  to the entrance of Pope Beach for the duration of the Marathon.
  51. Finish Line parking is at Camp Richardson Resort Camp Ground. Parking fee is $10.
  52. The Sunday Rubicon Half Marathon starts at about 10 for a couple of reasons:
  53. 1)  We wait until 30-40 of the first marathoners go by the Half Marathon start. That way at the finish line, they are not buried in hundreds of Half Marathoners. In other words when they cross the finish line, it will be exciting.
    2). The Half Marathon start area is in the shadows and can be very cold early in the morning. No need to start early on our course and freeze in the early morning starting line shadows.
  54. If you have questions contact the race director email.   Sometime in the middle of the night I will answer most emails.
  55. We also put on the Maui Oceanfront Marathon in January.



The US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, status as a parent( in education and training programs and activities), because all or part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program, or retaliation. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs or activities.)