The 13th
Great Lake Tahoe Bike Race
 presents 3 races on
September 26 & 27

The classic 72 miler, plus the 35 miler,  plus

The King & Queen of Kingsbury Hill Climb on Saturday


Very Important Changes from past years:
The Lake Tahoe Marathon Events has split off the Bike events from Marathon Weekend.

The Tahoe Bike Race will start in front of Zephyr Cove Lodge at 7 AM
The  Tahoe Bike Race or Ride,  is for anyone who wants to compete, go fast, self test, and ride in a peloton, and earn a time achievement award or the cash purse, or just cruise.   All racers and riders will be timed.

The King and Queen of Kingsbury will be the day before on Saturday.
This is a 8 mile hill climb from the bottom of Kingsbury Grade in the Carson Valley, up to the summit of Nevada H207. Details to come.


7 a.m. start for the 72 miler 
About 8:30 a.m. for the 35 milers - Tahoe City

The Great Lake Tahoe Bike Race Video 2012

2006 Peloton coming out of  Sand Harbor

After registration closes on line, location for late registration will be announced

as of March 3, 2014

The Four  2011 72 Mile Winners
L to R: Michael Larsen 40+ winner: Justin Rossi- Champion, Amy Thornquist- Open, Tawnie McDonald- 40+

Deb Howard & Company and crew will man the 3 aid stations





The General Outline
(always subject to improvement & suggestions)

  1. The Great Lake Tahoe Bike Race around the lake will start from the Zephyr Cove Resort.

  2. Pick up your timing chip and shirt and Sports LTD at the Village Center on Saturday.

  3. Your timing chip will be worn on the front of your helmet.

  4. You will wear a number on the back of your helmet.

  5. You will have a number on your saddle bar as well.

  6. This 72 mile event is designed to let you see how fast you can go around Lake Tahoe.

  7. All finisher receive a finisher medal and an event shirt.

  8. You will receive handsome achievement awards for riding under 3 hours, 3:30 and 4 hours .

  9. And a license plate frame for each  time achievement up to under 5 hours.

  10. And you are also competing against the field for a 5 deep purse up to a $500.

  11. We have a $500 bounty to award the person who establishes a new overall course record.

  12. Legend has it that Greg Lemond did it in 3:15 as a high school student while growing up in Reno. 

  13. The latest Lake Tahoe  record was set by Jesse Miller-Smith in 2010 with a time of: 2:50:21.9.    How low can it go??  How low can you go??

  14. See the overall 5 deep purse structure elsewhere on this page.

  15. The first 9 miles is through about 25 stop lights with a police escort for the lead Peloton.

  16. Any one may ride but we do have a 6 hour time (7am to 1pm) limit for timing purposes.

  17. You may continue after 6 hours but timing may be closed.

  18. This is not on a closed course and you must obey all traffic rules of the road.

  19. Please ride single file up the hills to allow traffic to proceed.

  20. Again this is not a closed course.

Electronic Timing Chip

Pick up your number and timing chip Friday night at the Zephyr Cove Resort  between 5 and 8 PM.
Late registration and helmet chip, number, and wind shirt distribution will be in the Ballroom.
There will be a orientation-question & answer session at 6 PM.

Ride Day Quick Details
All athletes -72 Mile riders should park at the Zephyr Cove Resort
(free parking)
The van & trailer and truck to Tahoe City will leave just before the start of the 72 mile Ride.
If you need a ride to the Tahoe City 35 mile start line be in the van and have your bike
in the truck before 6:50 AM

The 72 Milers start at 7 AM sharp from the Zephyr Cove Resort and ride clockwise around Lake Tahoe.
Awards begin at 10:30 AM at the Zephyr Cove Resort

 Each rider will be given a color sticker to put on the front and back of his/her helmet.
  This is to help you and the ride committee  know which distance  you and your fellow riders are doing.

You will also have a double sided bike number plus  an electronic timing chip to attach to your helmet.
You will keep the timing chip and number after the race.


There will be 3 water bottle exchange areas:

You will drop your empty bottle at one of the aid stations and a volunteer
from Deb Howard Realty will hand you a full sport bottle of water as you pass by.

  1. The top of Vikingsholm parking lot.

  2. Tahoe City 35 mile start line East of the Fire Station.

  3. Incline Village on Lake Shore Drive

Shipping your bike to Lake Tahoe

In need be you can ship your bike to:

Sports LTD
4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd
Village Shop
South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96150
phone:  530-542-4000

They can have your bike  put together and tuned for your arrival.


The rest of the story:


Need to shuttle you and your bike for a point to point ride?
Call Joe Santallo 530-318-9294

Joe  has volunteered to take bikes from Zephyr Cove Resort ride morning to the 35 mile start line in Tahoe City.

The 7 AM start at Zephyr Cove, NV


2003 Champion Christina Castelanelli (left)  and 2004 Champion and  past   record setting Jeff Schalk
at Sand Harbor



See Slide Show of 2006 Bike Rides
See 2008 Slide Show of Bike Event

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