by Phil Dynan



 Race Day Bathrooms
(revised 7-20-2007)  

Commons Beach start line in Tahoe City: flush toilets and portables

4 Mile : flush toilets on bike path

6.3 mile portable at Relay exchange across from Homewood Ski Area

8.0 mile portable on your left across from gas station/general store in Tahoma

11.4 mile Relay exchange zone just north of  Meeks Bay Fire House on closed access Rd.

13. 3 mile portable Rubicon Realty - 2 person relay exchange zone.

Half Marathon start line on Glen St- dozen or so.

15.1 mile at the bottom of the Hill from Hell-  at One Ring Road

15.7 mile Relay exchange zone 6/10th mile up the "Hill from Hell".

17.5  At Bliss State Park parking area left side just inside driveway.

19 miles at Eagle Falls parking area right side-fixed toilets in Parking lot

20 miles at Inspiration Point.  Left side.  fixed and many portables

23 mile at turn on to Bike Bath at Spring Creek Rd, portable.

24 mile mark, at left turn into Heritage Rd on right side.

Pope Beach Finish line: many flush toilets up and down the beach