Lake Tahoe Marathon  

The Lake Tahoe Marathon is a 501 c 3 non profit tax exempt organization.
It's purpose is to provide a class event for runners to enjoy Lake Tahoe.
Grants and scholarships are distributed, but not limited,  to Lake Tahoe youth teams and clubs.

Individual High School scholarships of $500 are given to students who have volunteered time to the Marathon for at least two years,
who are going on to college, who are good citizens and with the recommendation of their teachers and or coach.
Scholarships are decided by the Lake Tahoe Marathon Scholarship Committee and distributed at the students high school awards night in June.

Grants or donations  have been given to the following Teams, Clubs, and Charities.

Black Bear Pipe Band

Fallon Families First

Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation

League to Save Lake Tahoe

National Brain Tumor

North Tahoe High School Cross Country Team

NY Police & Fire  Widows and Children's Fund

(Ordinary People meeting Extraordinary Needs)

Running USA Olympic Training Team

South Tahoe High School Cheerleaders

South Tahoe High School Cross Country Team

South Tahoe Boys & Girls Club

South Tahoe High School Jr. Naval ROTC

South Tahoe High School Golf Team

South Tahoe High School Volleyball Team

South Tahoe French Club

South Tahoe Dug Out Club

Special Olympics

South Tahoe Girls Basketball Team

South Tahoe Middle School Club Live

South Tahoe Seniors

Tahoe Arts Project

Tahoe Heat Girls Softball




A Special Lake Tahoe Marathon Grant of $2300
was given STAT to pay for 20 Fair Share Scholarships
for South Tahoe High School or South Tahoe Middle
School Athletes who otherwise could not afford the
 student athletic fee for 2005-2006.


Local High School Student Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2010

North Tahoe
Miles Heapes
Sierra Postler
South Tahoe
Tanner Braun
Alma Yanez
Ang Diku Sherpa
Melissa Ewing
Melissa Miller
Ashleigh Richardson
Ricky Braun
Edward Murillo
Christopher McGary
Gynelle Kaufman
Class of 2011

South Tahoe

Erica Aquino
Gregory Baghdikian
Maddison Bowman
Jake Braun
Donnell Soriano
Wen Tiong


Class of 2012

Angelee Brown
Annie Kate Genasci
Kailey Killeen
Brooke King
Guadalupe Valdez
Christy Walowit


Class of 2006

Lauren Dalton  STHS
Megan Hillyard STHS
Greg Koeck STHS
Yolanda Marty STHS
Heather Newman STHS
Nick Stewart  STHS
Jack Williams STHS
Cecilia Martinez NTHS
Jacob McDermott NTHS

Class of 2007

$2500 Middle School Track

Class of 2008

Class of 2009

Casey Armstrong STHS
Andrew Beverage STHS
Sarah Norton STHS
Laura Sears STHS
Kelsie Stewart STHS
Tom McElravey NTHS

Class of 2002

Amy Carter STHS
Steven Moore STHS
Kyle Smith STHS
David Wright STHS
Samantha Urich STHS
Hillary Robins  NTHS

Class of 2003

Jose "Pepe" Ramirez NTHS
Angela Bruno NTHS
Chris Cosmi STHS
Karen Grant STHS
Kalotina Monos STHS
Sean Pawling STHS
Vanessa Porfiri STHS
Jerrel "JT" Reece STHS

Class of 2004

Tiffany Pinson STHS
Aricela Ramos STHS
Brittany Galicia STHS
Ericka Shimmel STHS
Matt Moore STHS
Amber Ramos STHS
Bryan Alders NTHS
Amanda Kimmey NTHS

Class of 2005

Bryan Kurek  STHS
Anna Lambdin STHS
Laurel Morrow  STHS
Kyle Sullivan  STHS
Jessica Wackenhutt   STHS
Rachel Ferensowicz  NTHS
Phillip Griffo   NTHS

The Lake Tahoe Marathon helps support these charities as well: