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Hi Les,

I want thank you for putting together this great event. This was the first time I ever ran a Half Marathon and would recommend the Tahoe run to any and everyone. This was a family affair with my youngest brother Gavin running the marathon and me, my brother, Travis and his wife, Charlotte ran the half. We are still talking about the whole weekend.
Thank you again for an unforgettable weekend.
Carson Kermode

  I just want to take a moment to thank you and your "committee" for a wonderfully coordinated event.  I walked the Sunday marathon and enjoyed every moment of a beautiful day on an even more beautiful course.  The e-mails before hand and the organization on the day of the event made for an easy day for the participants. 
  Although I had never participated in a marathon before, I decided several months ago to give it a try, in honor(?)of turning 60.  It met every expectation!
  The aide stations which were manned by the high school students and parents were so well done--the kids were attentive and encouraging.  They all had smiles, which I appreciated.  Great job!
  Thanks again.  I'll be there again next year for sure.
Nancy Redding

Hello Les,

This was my first time competing in the Lake Tahoe Triathlon, and I truly had a WONDERFUL time. I traveled from Colorado, and it was well worth the trip. I thought all events were well organized. One concern I have is regarding the cycling races. I enjoy watching awards after races, as it helps me realize how much I have improved, or how much I need to improve to get closer to placing higher in my group.
Observing the 72 mile race awards there was a huge celebration afterwards with awards, pictures, and recognition. After that most people left, but I waited for the awards for the 35 and 20 mile races. There was no celebration for those top finishers. I feel that those that finished 1st in those races deserve recognition for their training and dedication to cycling. I understand the 72 mile race is much more intense, yet coming in 1st place in the other races certainly deserves acknowledgment.

Thank you again Les for organizing a wonderful triathlon. It was the most beautiful course I have ever raced, and I look forward to returning next year!  Again, I hope you will consider presenting the awards next year in a way that recognizes all the top finishers in all the cycling races.

Thank You,
Elizabeth Young
PS Also, thank you for organizing so many water stations for the 1/2 marathon -  It was such a hot sunny day, it was really nice to have water available so often!!


We had a great time!
The girls from New Orleans ate well thanks to you.
It was a trip to remember!
Cathy Flynn
Thanks for an enjoyable event.  It was well organized.
Joe Cacioppo
1/2 Marathon Participant


    I cannot imagine how busy your weekend was.  After so many years of trying to run the race, I managed to get out and get it done.  Not nearly to my expectations but it was still running.  Of the many marathons I have done….Tahoe now holds a special place in my heart and on my list of top marathons.  I have already plugged the race on several of the running chat boards that I frequent.  The scenery and organization was just unbelievable.  The last day was by far the best. The beach finish and the open sun and how about the lady from the wine shop, they must have passed out about 40 bottles of wine.  Anyway, it was an honor to run the race and I will be back next year to improve upon my time and defend my title.  .........  Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality and an amazing weekend. 
Chuck “ marathonjunkie “ Engle

P.S.  Please tell the volunteers that they were amazing.  The water stops were stupendous and the finish line area was the sight of what I though to be perfection.   I met so many great friends and I am sure we will be back next year.  Please pass along my email to Angel and tell him that he absolutely made my weekend with his humor and support.  I would not have made it through to day two without his encouragement.


I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the Tahoe Marathon week. Everything went so smoothly and every time I saw you you somehow looked relaxed and unstressed as though there weren't thousands of people running around participating in 20 different events! You did a wonderful job putting on this event and am I looking forward to participating next year. 

On a side note, I think I can speak for everyone from Reno Running and Fitness that the entire weekend was a great experience. Everyone enjoyed their race and the pasta cruise the previous night. We even had one member get engaged on the beach at Tahoe the night before her run! Thank you for all your hard work.

Best Wishes!
Colleen Thompson
Wellness Coordinator



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Super Triple winner Peter Lubbers blog

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Just wanted to thank you for all the work you do to put these races on. I enjoy it, and the race seems to be getting better every year. It seemed a lot smoother this time around, even with that homecoming parade going on Sat. morning in South shore. I really liked the shirt and the jacket, especially.
Thanks again!
Scott Bang

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, and flexibility with our team.  Everyone finished with a smile and were talking about next year : )
My husband Roberto and friend Flossie Crump truly had a wonderful time running/walking the 1/2 marathon last week. We plan to do it again.   Thanks.
Bettye Andreos


Thanks also for the special recognition for Cara.  She was so excited when she made it to our post marathon dinner.  She showed off her award and puzzle!!  And talked about it for the rest of the night.  She couldn't wait to do her show and tell at school this week, and I'm suppose to ask you for the picture of Les and her : )
Our team raised over $85,000 for Ronald McDonald House which equates to over 1100 rooms nights for seriously ill children receiving treatment and their families needing a place to stay.
We'll be sending out our post event survey soon and we'll hopefully be able to come back next year.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Christina Del Villar
Team Ronald McDonald House Manager


Thanks again for the wonderful bike race - it was even better than last year!


had a WONDERFUL time on sat, just wanted to give you an atta boy, everyone
was soooo nice I'll do this again next year.   Helena Hennis


Thank you for a wonderful smorgasbord of events last week. My entire family had a fantastic time. No one was ready to leave when it was all over. The events were all well organized and the scenery is second to none.

Any idea when they will have the combined triathlon results posted? I was doing a bit of number crunching myself and I was surprised to find that I may have done relatively well despite the fact that I pushed 70 lbs of kids in a double jogger in the 10K. Were there actually awards above and beyond the finishers medals for the combined triathlon or just bragging rights? We had to leave before the party/awards on Saturday night.

We are definitely hoping to return again next year and bring a few friends with us this time.

Hi There-

My name is Laurie Walther and I was number 1616 in the half marathon. Last Christmas I convinced my mom, Janet Beverly, (#1046) that since she was approaching 50 she needed to train for a 1/2 marathon and we would run it together. It took a little time, but she finally agreed. So this past may we ran the Avenue of the Giants half marathon together. She was hooked.

A few months ago I told her I had registered for the Tahoe and she should join me. She didn't think she could get off work to come, but a few weeks ago I had to change my registration to the 1/2 due to injury. Since we would be able to run together, she decided to fly up for the weekend.  She lives in Houston and I live in Monterey. Running races together has become a way for us to get together and spend some quality, albeit breathless, time together.  We are scheduled to run the Houston 1/2 together in January.



Hi Les,
my daughter surprised me with an entry into the 10k for a mothers day gift this year, It turned out to be the best gift I have ever received. The spectacular view of Emerald Bay, the peaceful race course, the cheerful volunteers, the organization of the events , are just a few things that I want to thank you for. I will be back next year to do the half marathon. Thanks again for an experience to replay in my happy place!!!!!!
                                                                                   Deborah Allan
                                                                                   Discovery Bay, Ca

Hi Les,

We had such a wonderful week.  Thank you so much.  The organization was
fantastic and your enthusiasm is contagious.



 I spoke with you briefly at the SF marathon expo. I was with my two young children. I informed you how much I've enjoyed running in the LT marathon. This year will be my 6th consecutive LT marathon. I run 5 marathons a year and have completed 68 marathons in 23years, but now look forward to running in the Sierras because of the unsurpassed beauty.  Hope to talk to you at the expo, Will.


Awesome marathon! I did the half this time. What a great event! Really well
organized -- wonderful volunteers. Met lots of cyclists who were able to do
the 72 mile ride around the lake and make it to the the marathon as well.
Now that is organization! Thanks again for a wonderful event. I told all my
friends who were not able to make it, and they are in next year

The event was well organized, I didn't get lost, everyone was helpful.  All of you deserve a real award for a great job.  What a beautiful day, and the bag pipes and all just was perfect!
Susan R. Gearhart


Hi Les,
Thanks for another great autumn weekend in Tahoe - this is the 3rd year our San Diego running click has excursioned to a wonderful autumn weekend Tahoe  and to run your race!  Your dedication to this event , and  very visible desire to promote races  that  provide such fun  for racers and their extended families is inspiring.  We love coming to Tahoe year after year.    
Linda Fradkin

Solana Beach, CA

Hello Les,
Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed your event these past 3 days. The volunteers were very helpful and tried very hard to answer my questions and genuinely seemed to care.
The venue is spectacular and challenging, especially for us flatlanders! I was fortunate enough to receive several of your division trophies and thought they were exceptionally nice. I race in kayaking events all year long and we never get awards as substantial as the ones awarded at your event.
Thanks again and I will be coming back next year for sure and hopefully dragging along a few friends as well.
 Sincerely, Craig Tanner

Really great event, Les.  I just can't imagine how you're able to persuade the Tahoe Politicians, Police, the Sponsors and all the other folks to allow you to put on such an event.  Walking/running 26.2 miles looks like nothing compared with what you've done.  Great work.
The event was well organized, I didn't get lost, everyone was helpful.  All of you deserve a real award for a great job.  What a beautiful day, and the bag pipes and all just was perfect!
Susan R. Gearhart


I enjoyed the Triple and had a great time.  You guys did a fabulous job and the Trip's were a fun and interesting group of runners.  362 days until the next Triple.

Mike #513
Ted #512

Hey Les, I enjoyed the race. You predicted it would be 15 minutes more than Big Sur. It was 14! The hills and more so the altitude were tough. The bus service was great, and the bag drop was well organized. I do have a couple of suggestions however, have fruit at the finish (right at the finish) and just charge more so everyone can have the same food. And finally, give out the wind shirts and license plate holders at registration. It was a pain carrying them around afterwards.

You are to be commended on putting on a great event.

Leif Reynolds (a painful 3:50)


To You Les, the BEST race Director,
I am still basking in my thoughts and feelings of that wonderful Tahoe Marathon.  It was perfect.  The weather was ideal, the people so much fun to meet, and the medals are beautiful.  But I want to say  to you, "thank you" for your hard work and efforts in making this a truly memorable event for me.  Everything was so well organized and top rate. 
I did the half marathon last year, and wanted to return this year to run the full marathon.   The last couple of miles were tough, as a race should be.  But I can say this, I will return next year and the next and  the next and will plan to make this a yearly run for me as long as I can run.
Many thanks to you and to all the gracious and cheerful volunteers who helped you. 
My sincere thanks and appreciation,
Denise Mountain
Springville, California
This was my third Tahoe half and every year it keeps getting better.
The buses were much better this year, even with the snafu at the starting line.
I loved the music truck and the guy with the goofy hat.  They kept me going at several places along the course.
Thanks for all the hard work you all do to make my annual fall trip to Tahoe so great.
See you next year 
Teri O'Donnell

My thanks to you and all of the organizers and volunteers for putting on such a fine event.  The refreshment and bathroom facilities were well spaced and staffed by enthusiastic crews.  I had a great time and hope to be there next year. Regards,
Charles Dibble
Cupertino, CA  

Another awesome run!
See you next year!


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed each and every minute we spent in Lake Tahoe for the marathon. Your hard work in organizing an event of this size was awesome. My daughter and I participated as a way to celebrate our 25th and 50th birthdays…hers was the day of the race! We chose to do the 10k so we could relax and enjoy the splendid surroundings. A special note of thanks to all the volunteers in particular the young folks who were so wonderfully cheerful and polite. 
Sincerely,Julie Roberts


By the way, the Triple was a blast.    I soaked in the lake after day 3 and took a long gaze at the shoreline around the lake.  It was a great feeling to know I ran around the whole thing!  I'm thinking I just might be back next year.  
John Dovala

I had a great time at the marathon this year.  The race has a great atmosphere.  You've got an unbeatable combination of athletes with the wide range of events offered.  And, of course, the marathon course is spectacular. Thank you again for a great time.
Jonathan Wykoff


I had a wonderful experience with the 10K race, will do it again next year, and have no suggestions for improvement.  All aspects of the race went well: smooth on-line registration, picking up bib number, transportation to the starting line. plenty of porta-potties, the start of the race, enthusiastic volunteers at water tables, smooth finish line, picking up wind-shirt, and post-race refreshments. 


I had a great time at the 1/2 marathon and it was one of the better races that I have been to.  It was well designed and had great support.  I guess you can't compete with the views - even if you have to go through purgatory and hell to get there!  I saw several folks from the MWTC base at Pickel Meadows there, so the advertising must have paid off. 
Thanks again for the great race - I'll see you next year, hopefully with more Marines and Sailors.
Gray Dawson, MD, LT MC USNR


I ran the Lake Tahoe half marathon last Saturday for the first time and I want to give you and your staff many kudos on planning and executing a wonderful event!  I had a great time and will try very hard to return next year to participate in the kayak, bike, and half marathon events. 

Thanks again!  Dennis Baker

Another great production!  I don't know how you do it all. I've done the marathon the last four years and I did the triathlon the last two years and really enjoyed it. Thanks for all your hard work!
Sincerely,   William (Tom) Kittleman   #406


hey Les,
once again thank you for putting on such a beautiful event! this was my 6th year running the half marathon and i pr'ed by 5 minutes this year. this race has become a major event on my calendar instead of training run. i plan on running it until someday when i expire on the emerald bay hill...

Awesome marathon! I did the half this time. What a great event! Really
organized -- wonderful volunteers. Met lots of cyclists who were able
to do
the 72 mile ride around the lake and make it to the the marathon as
Now that is organization! Thanks again for a wonderful event. I told
all my
friends who were not able to make it, and they are in next year! H.M.


Hello Les,
Thanks for all your efforts... the 10K was a FUN event... Great job!!! Kevin.




Hello Les and all who gave us such a beautiful, spectacular day.  John & Ann Singer from New York would like to thank all for our wonderful Marathon week in Lake Tahoe.  We are truly amazed by the three day marathoners..what wonderful company to be with during the award ceremonies.  You can be sure at our next Rockland Road Runners meeting we will "talk it up" and tell all this is one marathon that should be on everyone's wish list.  Thank you very much.  Regards, Ann & John

Les, my wife and I had a great time at the 2003 10K run and we are looking
forward to running the 10K or Half Marathon next year. Suffice it to say,
we will be participating in this event for many years to come. Thanks to
you and your staff for a great time.

Since this is the first running event we've entered, my questions will
probably sound like "this is the first running event we've entered". I was
curious, when do you think registration will open for 2004 ?

Thanks again and " Great Show ! "

Michael and Denise Rose
Shingle Springs Ca.



  Thanks to all your crew and yourself for the great
experience at the triple.  It was an incredibly
majestic, tough, and heartwarming experience/course,
and the most awesome place I have ever run.  The 4 of
us "flatlanders" from Illinois had the best time and
were extremely challenged.  We will never forget the
experience you've provided us.  Congrats to all're heroes to me!

Spencer Nelson
Bib #742


Hi Les,
Thanks!!! for another spectacular run!
We have decided to make it a tradition!
It was AWESOME!!!!
See you next year!

Happy Running!
from Atlanta

My first run in Tahoe - and it was beautiful! Thanks for taking care of the weather and the views!  I wondered if the "new" finish would be confusing and congested, but it wasn't at all. Good job on the signage and the volunteers were awesome!
It was a hard 1/2 ~ but I loved it!
Cristine Noller
Evergreen, Colorado 

Hi Les,

Thanks for putting on a great event.   I think you have one of the best marathons in the world.    I felt like I was running in a postcard for 26 miles.   I know it's alot of work to put on such an event and I applaud your efforts.   One suggestion.   If you are going to start the men and the women together from now on, I would prefer to start at 9am instead of 9:30.   It got a bit warm out there toward the end.   Other than that, I loved running the Lake Tahoe marathon.  Thanks again for all you do for runners.

Dianne Siegel


My beau and I competed in your 10K event and were delighted with all the
attention to detail.
What fun!


Georgia Curtiss

Great volunteers/support.  The crew at 13.5 (S Club?) and parent were fantastic.
Great course! 
Don't know where you get all your energy!


the timing, both physical timing and the planning of when the different
events would start so as not to interfere with one another , was very well
thought out.  There were many volunteers, very friendly and helpful, even
though some were not sure of some of the questions I I would ask, which is
why I was always hunting you down!!  The aid stations did not run out of
water or anything else, which was good.  The expo was great, with actual
bargains!  The pasta cruise was very fun and the food was great!  The whole
experience of having all these different events going on, was very fun,
especially when we would run into each other out there doing our own thing,
like when I was biking around the lake, to see those guys on their 2nd day
of their three day marathon, was really very cool!  We would all cheer each
other on!!  The instant result card, except for the half marathon, for the
swim and bike was also great!!  The timing guys were really good, and were
very cooperative about pulling up results for you to see in the database, so
you could see where you stood in your division.  And I love these wind shirts
and medals!!  I will definitely be there again next year!!

andrea ivan

Hi Les,
I'm Donn Zea (#406).  Want to thank you for a great first marathon.  I'll never forget it.  The people that can't shut me up about the experience will vouch for that!
Can't wait until next year.  I may train all year and attempt the triple!
Thanks again.
Donn Zea


Hi Les,
I am one of the Florida people that ran from your house on 10/8 a couple of
days before the marathon. I also did the Marathon (race-walking).
I wanted to tell you what a great event it was, everything went well. My
friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course was a real challenge for all
of us coming from flat, sea level Florida but what a beautiful course.
I admire your enthusiasm and dedication to fitness and sports and appreciate
that your events encourage all athletes, elite as well as week-end warriors
to participate and/or compete.
Thanks again, I am sure I will return to the Lake Tahoe area it is the
perfect setting for so many of the things I enjoy.
Pat Cohen
Clearwater, Florida

Greetings, Les:

Just a quick note to you and your support TEAM.......
CONGRATULATIONS to ALL for another spectacular showing! You folks run a FIRST CLASS Marathon with all the fringe, hoopla, and style where it should be.....addressing the concerns and needs of your runners, walkers, bikers, wheelchair competitors.  I hope you are all PROUD as we all enjoyed ourselves. I hope all the participants THANKED your volunteer staff as often as the TRAIL TRAINING TEAM did.  I hope that they felt appreciated, as their collective efforts, energy and enthusisiam was noticed by all participants. We truly appreciated the event and completely enjoyed ourselves. A job well DONE!


You did a great job with all the events.  We loved the Marathon Walk.  God
did a perfect job in creating the beautiful Lake Tahoe and with all the
beautiful scenery, beautiful weather and beautiful people helping the runners and
walkers, it was certainly hard to notice any imperfections if there were any. 
Thanks to you and all the volunteers.

Two Happy Walkers




Dear Les,
Many, many thanks for once again putting on an amazing race. I have run the
half 3 or 4 times. This was my first time for the whole. My 10th marathon,
and easily one of my favorites.
Thanks to you and all the wonderful, friendly, helpful volunteers.
Debby Ginner

Dear Les:
I really enjoyed the Lake Tahoe 10K event and I came in at 48:00 (on my watch) and finished in the top 25.  It was a great run, the view and the bagpipe serenade was great.  Thanks for taking our clothes back down and for feeding us Clif Bars. 

I compete in a lot of races but recently have become a serious runner and hope to break into the elite runner class.  This race was my fifth competition and I competed in Silver State 10K, Donner Challenge 10K, Journal Jog 8K and the Bay 2 Breakers.  The Lake Tahoe 10K was the most fun of them all and I plan to compete next year.
I may do the Davis Turkey Trot but am undecided.  
Regards,Elizabeth Ware E.I.


Just want to tell you how very much I enjoyed participating in the Lake
Tahoe Half Marathon.  It was so well run and supported with various food and
water stops.  Kudos to you all!   Look forward to next year~same time, same
place!    Sincerely, Andrea Cohn

This was my first 1/2 and I can't tell you enough how wonderful all your efforts and those of your group made the experience...
What an amazing day!!! You couldn't have done any better with the weather. I'm so glad you're arranging for the same next year!!! Thank you for the outstanding
organization. Everyone really did an exceptional job.
See you next year.   Sue Sacks

Great week-end of racing!  Enjoyed the half marathon tremendously.  All events appeared well organized and thoroughly planned.  I could recommend this race to anyone.  Thank you for a fun and well done event.  -Lynda Jackson,     Hot Springs, AR

Thank you for all your effort in organizing a spectacular marathon. It is a challenging course but one of my most memorable marathon experiences.  Beautiful scenery; well-placed aid stations; friendly and helpful volunteers. Rates at the top for me!!!    (Love the windshirt!) 
Kay Loomis,  Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Hi Les!  I have to tell you that this was the BEST start to the 10K ever- due
to Louise Simon singing the anthem; it was spine tingling.  With 800 +
runners out there in the quiet of Sunday morning, and Louise starting the
anthem , then little by little , all of us joining in, in that venue- pretty
awesome. The runners next to me were in tears, maybe they had personal
reasons  related to 9-11, anyway, I overheard runners saying that being out
there for the anthem was in itself worth the entry fee.  Please thank her for
us all- and I will do likewise.  Paula Lambdin

I wanted to express my highest praise and gratitude  for the hard work of
the entire volunteer team at the Lake Tahoe Marathon this weekend.   Your
volunteer team was well organized,  enthusiastic, and very supportive. As a
veteran of many marathons including  Boston, New York, Marine Corps, & Big
Sur ,  I know the difference between good volunteers and GREAT
volunteers.  In my opinion, the Lake Tahoe Marathon team was GREAT.

I also thought I'd include a quote from Karen.  "It was really a
beauuuutiful race. Scenery comparable to Big Sur and Catalina, a small-race
feeling, and a course with the challenges of Catalina."   Les,  you have
hit the big time with my wife!  These are her favorite races in North
America, and she  is a veteran of 15 marathons not to mention numerous long
distance triathlons.  Karen posted a horrible time, so this is even a
higher form of flattery :-)
Needless to say, we'll be back. Thanks again  
Rick Schaefer

I just wanted to thank you and all of the people who made the LTmarathon
great.  I really enjoyed running the marathon and the volunteers were
wonderful.  I definitely plan on coming back next year and I will highly
recommend it to my running buddies.  I really appreciate all the hard
work and the organization that went into it. .........
 Again I just wanted to thank you and every one
very much for the hard work.  It was a great marathon.
Jamie Sorenson

Dear Les,
The MIT Community Running Club (MITcrc) thanks you very much for a very
well-organized and very spectacular weekend.  Our marathons this
year included the Paris, Country Music, Rock 'n' Roll, Napa Valley, Silicon
Valley, San Francisco, and Great Wall.  Tahoe was the best; your scenery,
support, inspiration, inclusiveness, friendliness, and efficiency for
runners, walkers, and spectators were superb.  Our slower walkers and
runners particularly appreciated their early start so they could run for
brief times with elite runners.  We shall hold a very special MITcrc Getaway
Weekend next year so many more members can enjoy the Lake Tahoe Marathon.
Thank you again for a fabulous weekend.
Very truly yours,    Scott

Hi Les,
I don't think I've formally met you but my fiance is Mike Stewart from the
CHP. Les, what a great event that you put on! I was so impressed! This was
my very first 10K and it was absolutely great. I've been slowly getting back
into shape after a long bout with COLLEGE! and work - what a great way to
get addicted to fitness again! Everyone I came into contact was so
positive -even though I felt very humble against some of the atheletes on
that Sunday morning, I felt very proud when I got my medal and windshirt. I
will definately be doing it again. It was great to hear the gasps from the
people around me (and not from lack of oxygen either!) as they started the
first mile of the race. I remember hearing one woman say 'This is so
unbelievable....I can't believe how beautiful this is'. I am very fortunate
to live here and be able to say that this event goes on in my town. Thank
all those that helped you too, I did every chance I got on Sunday. Thanks
again Les! Great job Les...!!!!!  Karin Manfredi

Hi Les,
I never did meet you but wanted to pass along my thanks for sponsoring such
a well orchestrated event, everything went smoothly - although, I'll
probably appreciate the earlier start time for the 10k next year.
Especially, I'd like to say thank you to Monica and Carol-Ann for hosting
the bus tour. 
Again, Les, thank you for all of your hard work putting this together!
Mary Milar #4457

 Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the race for the first time. I really enjoyed being up in Tahoe for a very beautiful event. I hope to come back next year in better shape so as I may finish in a much faster time. All in all though I had a great time.  Anni Schilling

I have been doing the 10 k  run for the past 6 yrs. and enjoying it better and better every year, keep up the good work, can't wait for the next year. Oh by the way nice shirts....Thanks again    Nadia Flynn, Livermore, California.

This is the very best of marathons done at Lake Tahoe, what ever the bugs were, your group came up with all the right answers and I congratulate you on the best ever Lake Tahoe Marathon!
Susan and James Gearhart

Thank you so much for all of the effort you put into
the race. I live in Missouri and it was worth the trip
up there. The one comment I have for next year is more
"port-a-potties" :).

Thank you, Abigail Murray

We had a "TERRIFIC" time!
We'll be back next year!
Very well organized!
Keep up the good work!

Happy Running

Well this certainly was the toughest race I have ever run, much more so than
Big Sur!  However, I met some great people on the run.  This along with the
support of the cheering crowd and breathtaking view helped me make it
through. Thanks for a fun (if not painful) experience!

I have been doing the 10 k  run for the past 6 yrs. and enjoying it better and better every year, keep up the good work, can't wait for the next year. Oh by the way nice shirts....Thanks again    Nadia Flynn, Livermore, California.

We just returned from six days in Lake Tahoe and our first participation in
your marathon event.  We wanted to send you a note to tell you that it was
the most fabulous race we have participated in.
Bar none. By far.  Just incredible!!  Your organization of shuttles, the aid
stations, the potties, the hot dogs and beer at the end, the
camaraderie---not to mention the weather and the natural beauty!!
WE had a wonderful time and are planning on returning next year!!
Thank you for a wonderful job and representing Lake Tahoe so beautifully!!
See you next year!!!
Paul and Maggie Dobbins

Thank you for organizing a great race, once again. This was my second year  and I had a great time. Your volunteers are excellent and everyone so enthusiastic. Thank you for accommodating us slow runners. It is nice to be able to start early!
Hope you had a good time too and have a nice long vacation ahead.
Portland, OR

Really enjoyed the ultra run. It was well organized, challenging, and very
scenic - - better than Big Sur. It was also great fun running with the same
group over a three day period. It really gave you a chance to get to know
the people. Thanks for the great experience.
Kevin M.

Dear Les,

Many, many thanks for once again putting on an amazing race.  I have run the
half 3 or 4 times.  This was my first time for the whole.  My 10th marathon,
and easily one of my favorites.

Thanks to you and all the wonderful, friendly, helpful volunteers.


Debby Ginner

ps Have to admit, was disappointed to be #26.  Top 25 was just one minute
Hi Les,

Thanks for organizing another beautiful race. As always challenging but so 
rewarding at the finish. You must have a direct line to god because the 
weather was perfect again!
And I really love the great windshirt and my age group award and hanging out 
with all the other runners at beautiful Pope Beach with food and beer 
admiring the lake and the Fall colors. Even as a local the views never get 
See you next year, Ute.


Thanks! I had a wonderful time at the Lake Tahoe Marathon! You all did a
fabulous job of putting together an unforgettable experience. (How did you
pull off the perfect weather?)

Paula Erdle

Hi Les,

Just arrived back home in England after vacation.  Thanks to you and all the 
volunteers for making the Lake Tahoe Marathon a really special event.  We 
enjoyed it very much indeed.

Thanks again,

Allan Hill (marathon walker)


Dear Les and all Volunteers,
I know you must get thousands of thank yous, but let me add mine as a first
time marathoner.  I could not have picked a better marathon to start with. 
Your organization, web site, final instructions, and virtual
training program were superb.  I trained  with your website, and bettered my
projected time by 30-40 minutes.  Thank you!  All of the course volunteers on
race day were great, and all the aid stations were more than amply stocked
with everything we needed.  I loved the bagpipers at the top of the Bliss
Park "hill from hell".  Hearing the music pulled all of us up over that last
rise!!!   Now if you could put some music at Inspiration would be
Lake Tahoe is our second home, and the views from the course are spectacular,
especially mile 20-21 coming down the ridge between Emerald Bay and Cascade
Lake, with Lake Tahoe in front of us.  I was chatting with a half-marathoner
at that point, and turned to him and said that it was like running in heaven.
 Thank you also for the great finisher's windshirt, beautiful medal, and
license plate holder.  I am hooked, and will be back for more next year!
Adele Margolis, Carmel Valley

Hi Les!
You ran a great race this weekend!  A group of about 12 of us came from
Wisconsin, the Milwaukee metropolitan area.  We enjoyed the scenery and the
Thanks again--Mardi Freeman 

Les--What a great experience!  Thank you so much for the best running yet!  I
was so impressed at how organized and professional this wonderful event was.
I felt that your volunteers and staff made everyone feel so special, from my
five year old who got her first medal in the kids race, to my 10K.  You made
us both feel like marathoners, no matter what running stage we are at.
Awesome wind shirts and medals.  I felt so athletic and important! Thanks so
much for a new tradition in our family.  Not only will my daughter and I
reappear next year, but my husband, 3 yr old son,  my mom and dad, and my
brother and sister-in-law, who were bystanders.  Your event has gotten them
interested in running!  I am very thankful for your hard work.  Jennifer
Payne, Yuba City, CA (Don't look up my race time--it was pathetic, but who
cares!  I had a blast!).. Jennifer

Just wanted to write a short little note to tell you how much I and my
friends enjoyed the Lake Tahoe Marathon.  I've participated in a few other
running events and the Tahoe event was the best so far.  Thanks to you and
the other organizers for doing such a good job!  We hope to see you next
year. Faye Brown

The Lake Tahoe Marathon was by far my best running experience yet!  I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts.  The wind shirts are great and made all the more "valuable" by getting them only when you finish.   Running around Emerald Bay without traffic was a spiritual experience, and one I won't soon forget.  Thanks for making it happen, and  thanks for a great Sunday run.
Until next year,
Shannon Kettering



My wife and I have ran this marathon twice already and totally love it! Please send us 2 registration forms .....
Thank you for your efforts!  Sincerely,
 Adam Powers, Bridge City, TX

I ran the Tahoe marathon for the first time this year, it was only my third
overall. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the t-shirts not
having advertisements on the back. I don't even like to wear my last
California International shirt. It is a walking ad for the Sacramento Bee.
Thanks again, I'll be back next year.
Don Foster

Thank you for a fantastic experience, Les. The 10K my whole family did last
Sunday was definitely "A Sunday Morning Run we will never forget." From the
start to the finish, it was absolutely awesome. Everything from the scenery,
the aid stations, the finish at Pope Beach, the refreshments at the end, and
the finisher's medals -- all made us want to come back next year and do it
again!     Linda McGrath   San Diego

I really enjoyed the race (the first 16 miles anyway, no hills here in Bangladesh!!!). We combined the race with a family holiday to Yosemite & Lake Tahoe &
loved both places. A really spectacular course for a marathon. I will recommend it to lots of friends.

Sandra Reid  (from Bangladesh)


Hi Les- My first Tahoe Marathon was a great experience. Thanks go to
you and your crew and all the volunteers for a terrific job. It was
truly a Sunday morning run I will never forget, and I'll be back.
-Sharon Gustafson (Sonora)

Fantastic event...thanks to all who support and help...a must run for all runners...Bud

Hey Les,

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Lake Tahoe Marathon one of the best.
My time was a PW (Personal Worst), but I enjoy every minute of it. The view
was great, I am from Orlando and there is no way to train for such a
marathon in Florida. I will suggest it to all my friends.

Thanks again

Ruth Walden


I ran the 3 day ultra and I just wanted to thank everyone for what turned out
to be the one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Everyone
involved was so nice and helpful, and there was a camaraderie amongst the
runners that I've never felt before. It was great to also get to know the
other runner's support groups, which you never get a chance to do. My wife
Naomi, who was my support "team", really enjoyed helping out the other
runners with Gatorade, cookies, etc. At least that's what she told me. I
especially wanted to thank Marty for all of his hard work. It did not go

Thanks again and hopefully I'll be recovered in time for next year,

Ronald Kageyama

Les, I want to say thank you for organizing a great event. You cannot satisfy everyone all of the time, but most of the comments I heard from other marathon runners were positive.This was my 14th marathon, and my first one in the western region. Overall I give you and your volunteers high marks for a job well done. My only suggestion would be to have more toilets available at the start line. I think we all managed, but long lines just before the start of a race just add to the anxiety.
The tour around the lake on Saturday morning was as informative as it was scenic. This was my first trip to the Tahoe area so hearing about some of the history of the area as narrated by Carol Ann and Warren added value to my trip and the event. Also, I enjoyed having lunch with them at Rosie's in Tahoe City. Volunteers that have that much knowledge and enthusiasm are truly assets and a credit to your team. Please extend my thanks and regards to Carol Ann and Warren, and all of your volunteers. Maybe I'll see you next year, and bring my wife so she can take in the beauty of the Tahoe area. If you or any of your volunteers travel to Little Rock, AR, please call me and I will attempt to return the hospitality xxxxxxxx......xxxxxx, or via e-mail:
Best regards,  Dick Von Hor

I forgot to say that for me, the absolutely best thing about this marathon is the chance for an early start. This was my first marathon (walk) and I really appreciated being able to start at 7:30, so I wouldn't be at the tail end of the runners all day, and so I wouldn't be in the hot sun.
Thanks again!!  Ann Broadwell

From 9 of us from Peoria, IL area: Thanks for a great race!!! Thanks
to all the wonderful volunteers, too!
Tahoe is a beautiful area and the course has spectacular views. The
pasta dinner cruise is a unique, fun


Dave & Kathy Weaver
Dennis & Claire Putman
Ray & Carolyn Calaway
Anita Heinz
Kay Foster
Art Harris

I have completed 106 marathons all over the world. I can honestly say the sheer beauty of the Lake Tahoe Marathon is in my top five for over all ambience. Plus, the weather was great all week. I really enjoyed the total experience. I am looking forward to next year and competing once again in the marathon....... Dennis Hartley

 Les - a great marathon experience. I thought I'd have a PW
 (personal worst) but I didn't. The scenery was awesome, the weather
 perfect, your volunteers at the water stops were wonderful and very
 encouraging, the food spread at mile 20 was incredible and the post
 marathon buffet was to die for!!!!!!!  Way to go Les! Job well done! A big thanks to you and all your volunteers! I couldn't have done  it without all of you. ....Tracy (Minott).. Orlando, FL

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a great event. I ran my first half marathon and my wife and our 13 year old son ran the 10k. We all had a great time and can't wait until next year. The views were breathtaking, the runs challenging, and the volunteers were very helpful and always had a smile on their faces. Other than going to a chip timing system, I can't see how you can possibly improve this event. Thanks again and we will see you next year. Brad Helder Campbell, Ca

Thanks for another great run, I did the half again for the third time, want to do the whole next year. I really liked having the Shoreline Cafe VIP lunch as the alternative to the usual fare, after
having breakfast at 7:30, by 2 when I ate, I was hungry for a good lunch, looked forward to it and really enjoyed it.

Good afternoon Les,
Thanks for putting on an excellent race (3 day ultra)- I had never participated in an event with such camaraderie!
I am really looking forward to participating again next year.
Take care!......N.K. Martin

Dear Les,

Just wanted to write a short note to thank you for organizing the Lake Tahoe Marathon. We did the walk and had a great time. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful, the weather was perfect.

The event was well organized and all went smoothly. The treats at the end of the walk were an added goody, much appreciated.

Thank you again,

Nancy Havens
Sallie La Mantia
John Hurd

want to commend all the efforts of everyone involved in producing the most
enjoyable and beautiful race I've ever run. the organization, the scenery and
the accommodations were just about top notch. i want to thank all those
volunteers for their time and uplifting cheerfulness, and i hope this race
becomes an annual event for me and my friends. thanks again.

Claire Hanamoto

Just a short note to let you know what a fine event you put on with the 6th running of the Tahoe Marathon. In our running party we placed 1-2-3 in the half
and I got 2nd in the Marathon - in one of the old man divisions. The non-runners in our party from San Jose also enjoyed themselves over the 5 day stay.
The weather was perfect the volunteers were terrific and beer after the race was refreshing. It definitely will be a Sunday I'll remember! I do plan on doing it
again before I hang up my marathon shoes!

Doug Saari


The marathon was our first and we had a wonderful time. It was very well
organized and the people in the Lake Tahoe area are wonderful. The t-shirts
are perfect and the medal looked great hanging from the rear view mirror on
our drive back to Boulder. We are looking forward to running again next

Thanks Again,
Jason Greer

hi les,
just wanted to thank you for exchanging my marathon entry bib for the spectator bus bib. I didn't get to run the marathon this year due to a knee surgery i had in august. I'll be there next year to run. the idea of the spectator bus was great ! i still got to be out on the course with the runners and see the spectacular view of the lake. i even handed out water for about an hour or more, made me feel good to be on the other side. again thank you, i had a great time!                  Geri Putman Fullerton CA


I just wanted to say Thanks for the hospitality and to commend you for a job
well-done. I hope you get a chance to relax a bit. Stacey and I had a
great time and are still marveling over the beauty of Lake Tahoe. You live
in "Gods Country"!

The expo was terrific and your pasta dinner aboard the Tahoe Queen was the
best pre-race event I've ever been to, in 30 years of running.

Better be careful. When word gets out to the rest of the world about your
event, you'll be swamped with people.

Thanks again for all that you did to make our stay in Tahoe memorable!

John Conley
Motorola Marathon

This was my first half marathon and it was a GREAT experience. I've done a
lot of 10k's and my husband runs marathons so we have seen lots of races
and this one was very well organized. You can't beat the scenery but how
you are organized and treat the participants sure makes a difference in the
overall experience!

Thanks so much! We had a great time!


I know that I am one of many who have written you to express the absolutely wonderful experience this run was, truly a Sunday Morning run that I will never forget.
I selected this run to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday on Tuesday, October 16th and trained for several months in Orlando Florida for the race. I had never been to Lake Tahoe but it certainly appeared to be a beautiful place to run. My desires were certainly exceeded! My finance and I arrived on Friday in Reno and drove to Lake Tahoe. As we approached the lake we had to stop to take in and absorb the beauty. Truly God's country. We picked up my bib Friday afternoon and on Saturday drove the course. If I would have seen it prior to my reservations being made, I am not sure that I would have done it, only because Florida cannot train one for such endurance. But then again, I trained almost daily and with determination finished the half marathon and exceeded my expectations as far as time.

It was such a wonderful experience, one that I will never forget. I certainly intend to revisit your wonderful city and countryside and will once again take on the mountains. I was inspired by Inspiration Point, of course, one must be to survive it, ha!

Thank you for a great experience and I look forward to seeing those mountains in the near future.

Nyda Bittmann

First of all, let me thank you and all involved for a wonderful job and a wonderful race. I knew it would be
spectacular and it exceeded my expectations, ....... Thanks
again for making my trip to Tahoe worthwhile.

Bob Bonpietro
Avon-by-the-Sea, New Jersey

hi all, i ran the marathon, and although this was the most difficult
marathon ever and i had hamstring cramps and was reduced to walking all
the hills i had a wonderful time. the scenery is just great, the course
i sooo beautiful; it brought tears to my eyes. i especially liked it
that you arranged for salmon to spawn along the course, that was
definitely one of the highlights of the course. thank you to all the
volunteers at the water stations they were wonderful and helped with
cheering and support. I'll be back next year for more torture, ah fun.
thanks again
andrea milbourne, los angeles

We had a marvelous time in Lake Tahoe and with the marathon....Jan Luck
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

This was the first Marathon I've attended and I have to say it was
really well organized and exciting, not to mention beautiful. I came
specifically to cheer my boyfriend on (his 7th Marathon, 1st in Tahoe)
and wound up supporting a lot of other new friends as well. I took the
Spectator Bus and got to follow and cheer for more or less the same
group of runners for the better part of the day. Everyone was so cool!
They actually thanked ME for being there supporting them, which was
pretty amazing considering they were the ones doing the amazing physical
feats. I have to say that runners in general are REALLY nice people.
Being a basketball player, distance running is not really my thing, but
I am starting to do more of it and even managed to participate in the 5K
with a pretty respectable time. Thanks again for a fun weekend... Franceska Gleason

Absolutely loved the marathon--extremely well-organized. I started with the walkers and especially liked that we only had about 15-20 minutes after getting to the starting line before we started.
There's nothing worse than having to wait around. ( I ran Las Vegas last year and won't run it again because they bused you to the start almost two hours before it started--ridiculous! ) The course
was breathtaking. I could kick myself for not carrying a camera. I hope there will be course pictures available for purchase. This was my ninth marathon and I would definitely do it again.
Coming from Florida, I was concerned about the effects of the elevation--I can honestly say that I felt none! For people who may be hesitant to run it because of the elevation, that information
should be passed on....Alan C.

It was a great race!! 3 of us ran together and even though we have spent
loads of time at Tahoe, riding the lake and hiking the area, until you run
it you really have not seen it! Fall is a beautiful time and at a runners
speed (or in my case lack of speed) you truly savor the time!!
The whole weekend was fun,,, we had a bear at our condo in Tahoe City on
Friday night!
Thanks! Verlinda

Awesome! Well organized and very friendly people. Now about that hill at mile 15... :-) Thanks for a great time! Teri Hall Seattle


"This is just a brief note  to commend you on a fantastic run!!
In my twenty some years  of road racing, I have entered hundreds of races in Northern California/San Francisco Bay Area and I can't recall a better, more organized event than yours.
The pre race publicity, the web page, the expo, the shuttle service, the volunteers, the T-shirts, the aid stations, medals...everything was superb! The scenery wasn't too shabby either.
A big "high five" to the directors, the volunteers, the community, to all involved, for an incredible experience!"
See you next year!!
P. C. , Occidental, CA

In '99 we've run your marathon (the 4 runner's from Germany).
Because it was so beautiful, we come again with 5 runners. F. W. , Sassenburg-Stude, Germany


I travel to a LOT of places.
there may be no better place to be than lake Tahoe... Steve     8/22/01

Last year's Lake Tahoe marathon ranks as one of my most favorite running experiences ever, and I look forward
to participating again this year. Thanks again............. Felicia T.  8/22/01

You guys put on a great run.  I will never forget it.

Chris Harris.  1/12/01

Hi Les.
... congratulations on a beautiful and friendly marathon. I was
 taken aback by the spectacular views and amazed by the friendly
 participants and volunteers. The view above Emerald bay helpedmask my
pain at that point of my journey.... M.G.  Lake Forest, CA 2000

The Lake Tahoe marathon was the best I've run. Although this
wasn't my fastest time (I'm slow and steady), it was my most
enjoyable marathon.  As promised, it was a tough course, but
it was also the most beautiful course of the 5 I've run.
The views were breathtaking.  Thank you so much for
organizing and putting on such a phenomenal race.  I've
spent a lot of time at Lake Tahoe over the years, but I have
never seen it from such a wonderful perspective.

Thanks for a great marathon.  I am recommending it to all my
running buddies.  My friend ran this as her first marathon,
and loved it.  My parents live in the Carson City area. I
may even make this an annual event. Carolyn S,..Phoenix, AZ 2000


I ran the 1/2 marathon this year as I I did last year and appreciate the new
route through the Valhalla and Tallac Historic sites.
Thanks for getting rid of the killer loop. Great job again, loved the
weather and of course the views.
See you next year....George Bucknell..2000

Hey .... we had a great time doing the Tahoe Marathon.... haven't been to many but yours is the best so far.....
J O'C  North Vancouver, BC  2000

You did a marvelous job.  Much enjoyed.  And, as you had promised, the
altitude was not a problem for us flat-lander Half Marathoners. See you next year!  K. O.  Maitland, FL  2000

Just wanted to let you know the marathon was great.  The weather could not have been better, and the scenery was spectacular.  It was still a tough course, but well worth the effort.
The dinner cruise was very enjoyable, and the food was quite decent and ample. (It helped that I was one of the first in line.  The captain's commentary about Emerald Bay made the cruise worthwhile.
It was easy to hear that he enjoys what he does.
 All in all, the race was well worth the effort and pain and blisters.  Great job!!!!
Thanks,....T. L. 2000

 It was my first marathon...what a joy!. Thanks!...Krista K.C.Cronwall
P.S.  My mother-in-law and husband walk the half marathon. They too had
a blast!....2000

        I'm sure I'll be one of many to send my compliments on the new
finish compared to last year's. I ran the 10k for the second year.  How
wonderful to hear the cheering and see the flags and see the finish as we
came around the bend and to know we were really there, done!! What I
enjoyed even more was the new loop through the historical park. Just when I
needed a pick me up between 4 and 5 miles the run through the park was
great.  So much to look at and lots of shade!  Thanksfor a fantastic run.
Can't wait till next year!!  D. C.... 2000

As always, your events lighten up what is becoming our annual weekend
pilgrimage to Lake Tahoe. After running the full marathon the past two years
I decided to just enter the half marathon on Sunday (due in large part to
running the Portland Marathon the previous Sunday). I really enjoyed the
cruise around Emerald Bay at a half marathon pace and it was just a
spectacular site! S. M.  ......2000

It was the most beautiful 13 mile run I've ever done.
The way you started the racers was interesting and rather nice, but it does
make the finish time difficult to obtain. I suggest chips!!
Thanks for a great time. (Loved the hot dog and beer at the end.)  J L....Goodyear, AZ   2000

                 I've got to tell you this Marathon is the most beautiful "run" I've done to date.  I'm a LA Legger / Race walker and used the Lake Tahoe as my final training "run" before doing the New York Marathon in November. And while I'm very excited about New York, I just don't believe it can possibly compare to the incredible scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe - even from a Big Apple standpoint.
Waking up a 4:30am in South Tahoe to make the 6:30am start time was grueling.  And standing around in 40 degree weather was no treat either.  But what a kick to see (gearing up in the dark) all those walkers and runners at the starting gate, and seeing our race director "mountain man" shooting off a rifle at the start.

The gift of watching the sun rise over the lake and mountains was astounding... miraculous...awe-inspiring.  And as the morning progressed, it was just great to have all those water station volunteers cheering us on.  At mile 15 and 19 those killer hills kicked in, and I never was so grateful as to see the crest of each of those inclines.  And once again the spectacular views at each of these high points was worth the effort of getting there. I liked the idea of the half Marathoners starting after most of the Marathon runners and Walkers had passed.  When the runners finally passed us by, it actually felt good seeing how much energy they had left.  Great idea!  They kept me going, even when I thought I was running out of energy.  Coming to the finish line never felt so good.  And hearing them call out Pat Jacoby Leavitt from Santa Monica, CA was such a kick.  Thank you for putting together such a terrific race.  You and all the volunteers definitely deserve a medal regards,  Pat Jacoby Leavitt  2000

It is beginning to hit me more and more each day what I have
accomplished.... my first marathon.  While the altitude andhills (mile
15-22) were quite a challenge for a Texas girl, I was proud to sharemy
first marathon experience with Lake Tahoe........Thanks again forthe wonderful race.  I will be
sure to make it back to your neck of the woods...Susan F...Austin,Texas 2000

Additional Comments:  You might want to consider designing at-shirt
that you can sell at the expo.  I had a big order from familyand
friends and had to break the news to them that marathon t-shirtswere
not for sale.  A few lucky ones got the collared shrit.

You can be proud of the fact that you coordinate the most beautiful,
fun, friendly, well-run, H2O-plentiful race in the world. Hats off to
you!  Thank you for an unforgettable day...-Rachael...One ofthe marathon runners.  2000

Yes, I'm already planning for next year's event!  Thank youfor
providing an experience of a lifetime.  I enjoyed the companyof other
awesome runners, your volunteers were great, you had plenty of aid
stations, and the view cannot be matched anywhere else on earth......L S G  2000

I ran/walked the marathon this year. My first marathon ever! I hada great time. I want you to know what a great, great job you and all yourpeople did everywhere I went. From sign in to aid stations to
finish line. Everyone knew their job and preformed perfectly. Iknow I'll be back next year and hopefully improve my time. The people alongthe way that encouraged me and everything made this a
"Sunday morning run I'll never forget". Thank you, Thank you, Thankyou.
 Take care and see you next year....Ken  2000

I just want to tell you that Lake Tahoe Marathon was one of the BEST!! That
was my second marathon this year. My first one was Big Sur. I have done 2
best marathon this year. I am hooked! I want to work hard to qualify for
Boston year 2002. The people there was so kind and sweet. The view and the route was
spectacular. You guys did a great job putting it all together. Happy running!!..niofe,..2000

Thanks for your efforts again this year....i enjoyed the 1/2 marathon again
for the third was perfect...volunteers were great. and I
liked the new route in the last couple of miles or so...( i think)...the pain
was setting in....thanks again for the great event....carl, 2000

Thank you for starting off and continuously putting your effort into this
magnificent marathon race. I am a "local," and I have never experience the
beauty of Emerald Bay until I had run along side of it. The lake never left
my sight....local, 2000

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful marathon opportunity!!  The
course is just indescribable to those who have never been. The only other
marathon I have done with a smile on my face was Pikes Peak - it was so
pretty.  I never wiped the smile off my face during Lake Tahoe!!

I would also like to thank you for taking such good care of us
"flat-landers" - our Oklahoma group.  I really appreciate youremembering
that we wanted to all sit together during the cruise - and whileI heard
some grumbling from the crowd as we were moved to the front of theline, I
think everyone got over it and appreciated your need to follow through on
your commitment.  Great food and great band, by the way.

I really like the idea of putting all the info on the back of thenumber.
People never lose that, but they will lose a flyer with that infoon it.
Good idea!!

Once again, thanks so much for a great experience.  I hope todo it again
some day soon!!...Nancy S. Oaklahoma 2000

Hi there,  We want you to know that the Vallhala Estates partof the
marathon was a wonderful addition, making for  a more pleasantfinal
stretch than the demoralizing 'out and back' to the finish. Thanksfor
all the efforts in organizing such a tremendous endeavor,... andfor
arranging such magnificent weather!!!   We will be backnext year for
our 3rd Tahoe marathon.  A Lr and J A 2000


I'll keep this brief, as I can only imagine that you receive a tonof email.

I can't comment as to how your event "measured" up against any others, as I don't have any previous "race" experience to draw such
conclusions from.  Simply, this was my first ever "event" (Iran the 1/2 marathon, as I felt the 10k wasn't quite enough), and I don'tthink I
could have picked a better venue or had a more rewarding experience anywhere else.

It was amazing to see just how organized the event was.  Buses toting people to their destinations, and everyone being kept abreast of
what was happening as to the actual time until "the gun". Your efforts, and those who participated in the planning...should not go
unnoticed or unrewarded.  You have probably received about a thousand "atta boy's" by now, so consider mine to be one more at theend
of the list.

I do look forward to the results.  I've no clue how I "placed" overall, nor do I have any idea how I performed in my age bracket. Simply, I
did my best...and will come back next year to try to best whatever time I ended up with.  One thing for sure:  I will not drive-up the night
before the race next year, and expect to acclimate to the altitude overnight.  Big mistake!  Perhaps I'll make a week out of it, and stick
around after to make a few new friends.

Thank you for a most rewarding "first race" experience.  Myhat is off to you, and all those who worked so hard to make this eventso

M. W.  San Leandro, Ca.  2000

thank you very very much for your time you and your helpers did a beautiful
job.  only my second marathon and i loved it. it only makes me want it more.

I'm just one of those people who ran in the 10K on Sunday, and Ineeded to
tell you THANK YOU for making the end of the race so enjoyable. Meaning,
making the loop, nonexistent.  The end was perfect.  Lastyear I thought I
was going to die.  This year, SOOOO much fun.  Everybodyis so nice to help,
and I needed to let you know. M M, Snohomish, WA 2000

Dear Les,
  I just wanted to write you and thank you for a very well organized marathon.  And for the beautiful weather you arranged for Sunday.   Our group came over from Redding, we had 5 people running
the marathon, and one who did the half marathon.  We ran the race in memory of a wonderful marathoner/ultra marathoner who died of a heart attack in July, while doing what he loved... running. He
was 72 years old, and a very inspirational runner.  We met him at a marathon 3 years ago, and kept "running"  into him at other races in Northern California.  His name was Dick Yaeger and he was from
Aptos, CA.  We all wore t-shirts with the inscription " An inspirational man who touched our hearts, In memory of Dick Yaeger" in Sunday's marathon. We all encountered people who knew Dick at the
race.  It was awesome, and I know Dick was watching us!!! Sincerely, Karen Meyer.

...i just needed to let you know that i thoroughly enjoyed the Lake
Tahoe punishing as it was, it was definitely something
i'll never forget and something that i will always be proud of...I've
done a few marathons in the past and this one was the most i crossed the finish line, i vowed never to do it
again!...but a day later, i changed my mind...i'd like to go back and
try again next year...E.G., Calf 2000

Well, my sister and I came down from Seattle to run in the 10k and were
really glad we did. Lake Tahoe is wonderful and the run itself was
absolutely beautiful. Besides that, we really enjoyed the fact that you had
so many young people on your volunteer team....their youthful enthusiasm and
general joy was greatly appreciated by all. We also enjoyed the great food
and the neighborly atmosphere present at the after-race-festivities. A great
relief after so many "your-just another number" race events. JR& CR Seattle, WA 2000

Thanks for organizing another beautiful Marathon and the other races. I really enjoy that we women have the early start and as the men catchup with us
we get to see all the fast runners and we can cheer them on. Mosthave encouraging words for us as they fly by.
It was especially perfect that I got to the halfway mark right asthe 1/2 Marathoners joined us with their fresh legs and those butt stickers.Made all of us pick up the pace.  U.L. Little River, Ca 2000

Thanks for a great race!  It was my first - and probably only- marathon.  I
realize I could have picked an easier one to start with, but the beautiful
scenery and friendly people made it worthwhile.  I was constantly amazed at
the random people throughout the course, cheering us all on - even those of
us slower runners!  And all the volunteers and participants were so fun and
nice, too.  .....Sunny Evans 2000

I participated in the Lake Tahoe ½ Marathon on October 10th.  I am training
with the Leukemia Society for the Honolulu Marathon this December.  This
race was my longest, and I must say the most beautiful and inspiring run so
far.  I had a wonderful time.  I thought the aid stations were well spaced
and well supplied.  I also appreciated the "helpers" along the way cheering
us on.  I felt very supported and I truly enjoyed my experience.  I will
definitely be running again - maybe the marathon next year...Kari Paulsey....Sacramento, CA 1999

It was the most beautiful race I have competed in, the
course was tough but the beauty made you forget the pain. I
have been running for 32 yrs. and doing triathlons for the
last 15 yrs. I am 62 yrs old and will never forget the Lake
Tahoe Marathon and will be back with my son and
granddaughter to make it a three generation experience......Thankyou Ron Sandelius 1999

This was my first marathon, and I had the time of my life (Thank you). ......Linda Benedetti 1999

The race was as wonderful as it was last year. The temperature was great,
the food was good, and the people were great. I missed the cruise last
year but was there this year.  What a great trip. ...Cathy1999

Once again thanks for another great race! After I finished and was soaking
my pains in the cool blue waters of The Lake, watching eagles flyby and
seeing people get massages by the lake shore, I really do think you have the
making for an 'international marathon'.....Mike Miller..Sonora,CA   1999

Hey Les,
This was my first marathon and I had a blast.  It was much easier than I
thought it would be (although I definitely broke no records).  I had a nice
run, enjoyed the scenery, and loved the weather. I  stayed at the Lakeside
Inn which was nice.  I was really happy how easy the registration and
transportation was.....
Robert D. Yee   1999

Les, this is such a fantastic event.  I can't begin to express my
appreciation to those who helped make it such a success.  I will return next
year and bring as many people as I can find.  I had a truly wonderful time.
Thank you very much for your time and efforts.  I did not take part in the
carbo cruise, but that's because the girls didn't want to go. I pushed for
it...maybe next year I will insist.  The expo was great, more sponsors would
be nice.  I signed everything I could and told of the people I brought in
hopes of rallying more support for next year.  I am looking into getting
support from my firm to support a team next year. Thank you!
Alexander P Rothenberg.....San Francisco...1999

That was a gorgeous race!! I ran just the 10K (not being sure how I'd
perform and hold up in my first race at altitude), so I don't know what the
first three-quarters of the course were like. But the 10K was great,
especially that first mile or so. Just stunning! You guys put on a great race,
and the volunteers were tops! I appreciated the extra aid stations since I
seemed to be getting drier than usual for a short race (high dry air?) And
of course the scenery and the weather--Wow!...Charley Cross, Folsom,Ca....  1999

The race was great!  I really enjoyed the scenery during the run as well as the Tahoe Queen dinner.  I also enjoyed starting later in the day compared to last year. Kudo's to the great food and massage therapists after the race!   Kristina Elliott,Campbell, CA...1999

"I received the entry form for the 2000 race today, and I am very excited to run again. I ran in the 1999 half marathon, and it was my favorite race ever! I felt the race was really well supported, and every detail was taken care of- you do a great job with the coordination! "Kristen Aggers, SLT

Dear Les,
My name is Carolyn Tovar and I won last year's (1998)women's marathon division.  I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed the race.  It was certainly the most beautiful course that I have ever run.  That says a lot being that I've run a total of 55 marathons in my lifetime!  What started out to be just a training run turned out to be something unforgettable.  I have told ALL of my running friends in Texas what a wonderful race it is and several of them are going to run it this year...   That course is toughest one that I have ever run! Good luck on this year's race!  You did an excellent job last year!  ..Carolyn Tovar ..Texas

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful this marathon was. It was my 20th marathon and it was the most beautiful marathon. I raced Portland 2 weeks before and thought I would do Tahoe for fun....It was great to run a marathon for fun and the scenery. I will see you next year... P.M.., Portland, Or......I have run Big Sur twice and I used to think it was the most beautiful marathon in the country. I think you got it beat...P.A. Sacramento.....Ive completed 18 marathons (Boston, Honolulu, L.A., Maui, Royal Victoria, NY, Volcano...) this course, by far, is the most beautiful.....N.G... Thousand Oaks, CA....a very enjoyable marathon, the scenery was breath taking. I will definitely recommend this to all my friends....A.T. Vacaville, Ca....... Course was perfect, scenic, challenging, and motivational S.D., Gunnison, CO........ I am a race director or coordinator for several road races and triathlons every year and I can appreciate what you and your volunteers went through to pull off such a successful race.....M.S., Gladstone, MI......A fun race with good support. Ill be back next year....?....a terrific marathon! We had a great time and the course was beautiful! ....thought that it was absolutely fabulous and challenging!.....C.H..., Beaverton, OR.......very well laid out and a pleasure to participate in...JC The course was scenically outstanding and the route was very challenging which added to its appeal. Of my 20 marathons, this was certainly a highlight...TR.,Blackfolds, Alberta........we really enjoyed our marathon in Tahoe. A very challenging course but after having completed it we certainly never have to worry about hills again....D.H. Edmonton.... That was my first race ever and I thought it was great...J.H.., South Lake Tahoe...This was my50th marathon and was the most beautiful I have ever done. ..the boat ride back to the start was a fantastic finish to a lovely day. J.L..., MN..... ..we all agreed that it was the most beautiful half-marathon we have ever run...The course description was accurate as well....K.G., Denver, CO....Ranthe 1/2 today and had the best time I've ever had in a race - the logistics for the LTM are obviously very complicated, yet everything ran like clockwork....R.V.....I just wanted to thank you for putting on the marathon.....Ive walked or run many marathons, this being number 29. I had the best fun and the most scenic route ever. I started at 6 with the stars and watched the sunrise over the lake.. P.M.......Great organization, great execution, LTM. is a runners marathon!...#216
Great race, well run....C. & V. A...