Emerald Bay from the 10 Start Line

by Lois Wooldridge

 The  Lake Tahoe Marathon

Around the Lake & Course Tour


1 P.M.

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1. The Around the Lake & Course Tour is a  guided tour, (led by professional tour guide Cathy Pavos) around the lake  and down the course on Saturday.

2. The Saturday Course and Lake Tour will cost $21 and will depart from ourside the expo back door at the Horizon Hotel Casino at 1 pm.  Look for the exit signs while in the Expo.

This is a 72 mile, 3.5 hour tour.

3. It will proceed East around the lake going through Cave Rock, passing Historic Glenbrook, Sand Harbor, Skunk Harbor, Incline Village, Crystal  Bay, Dollar Hill, and into Tahoe City to see Fanny Bridge and the Marathon start line. Snack will be on your own in Tahoe City, or just browse the shops and stores. After about an hour or so, the bus will start the marathon course, down the Westside of Lake Tahoe passing by Sunnyside Resort, Homewood, Tahoma, Meeks Bay, Rubicon, Harpers Grade up Bliss State Park, around Emerald Bay for a short stop at Inspiration Point at Emerald Bay, down to Camp Richardson, Pope Beach the finish line, and returning to Horizon Casino.

4. Return time about 4:30 P.M. at Horizon Hotel or ask your driver to let you off at any bus stop as the coach passes through  South Lake Tahoe before you get back to the Horizon.

5. The Expo at the Horizon Hotel Casino opens at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Pick up or purchase your ticket then.  You may also order now by clicking on the link above. Purchase tickets here

6. You will be back in time for the Pasta Cruise to Emerald Bay. Ask your driver to let you off at Ski Run Blvd and Marina.

7. One bus only, seats are limited.