Lake Tahoe Marathon Speed Golf

has been cancelled for lack of interest.

dedicated to
John Wilkins

Sponsored by

Tahoe Paradise Golf Course

Saturday September 28, 2013

9 AM tee time

Register on line or at the course starting at 8 AM

One of the Lake Tahoe Marathon Events

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2008 Slide Show of Speed Golf Event

The First Speed Golf Winners were:
Darrel Schue of Lake Tahoe with a score of 76 strokes over 56 minutes for a total score of 132
Elizebeth Trinkler from Lake Tahoe shot a 96 and ran the 4000 yd course in 44 minutes for a score 140.
The greens were icy and the course was frosty and the temperature in the high 30's
at T-time with a pleasant high 50's at the finish.

Paul Kivela is our defending two time champion having won in 2008 & 2009.

See link from SF Chronicle about Paul

Tahoe Paradise Golf Course.

2010 Results

Tahoe Paradise is a 4034yard (4K) course.

Organization and Rules:

1)       Meet at Tahoe Paradise at 8:00 a.m. for registration.

2)       Tee off at 9 a.m. before regular golfers begin.

3)       Green fees are $55 race day, cheaper by registering early.

4)       Rules:

a)       Run 18 holes of golf carrying only 3 golf clubs of your choice.

b)       Tee off every 2 minutes.

c)       Your run time is added to your golf score.

d)       Your time starts with the first drive and ends with the last putt.

e)       You may pass someone in front of you, but do so carefully.

f)        You may move your ball laterally to hit around someone.

g)       You must be careful at all times to not put yourself or fellow golfers in danger.

h)       You do not have to remove the pin when putting.

i)         If you hit out of bounds play it where it went out and add a stroke penalty to your score.

j)  You will have x number of marked balls when you go out and will be penalized two strokes for each ball you do not return with,  after your round.

5)       The Tahoe Paradise golf course is about a 4,000 yards.

6)       Golf clubs can be provided by golf course, if need be.

7)       Golfers should wear cargo pants or bring fanny packs to hold extra golf balls, tees, scorecard and pencil.

8)       Top 5 awards, in each of the menís and womenís divisions.

9)       They have a great snack-lunch counter at the club house.

10)  Speed Golf news articles:

 Questions:  530-559-2261 or email            


Tahoe Paradise course lay out and scorecard