The Lake Tahoe Marathon Relay has been cancelled for this

 year due to lack of registration.


Sponsored by the Lake Tahoe

Community College Foundation*


A Sunday morning run with your friends you will never forget!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


From Tahoe City's Commons Beach to Pope Beach near Camp Richardson and South Lake Tahoe

 As of August 21, 2012

There are four ways to participate in the Marathon Relay:

 1.        Five Person all MEN Team

2.       Five Person all WOMEN Team

3.       Mixed Relay team – any 5 person team of mixed gender consisting of either 3 men and 2 women OR 3 women and 2 men.

4.       A “Throwdown Team” where your mixed team challenges another mixed team for prize money as well as fame & glory!


«  $1000 awarded to the winning mixed team for the charity of their choice!

«  $100 awarded for each winning Throwdown Team! 

«  Individual awards for winning team members, plus Tahoe Marathon imprinted Tech Shirts, plus finisher’s medals for everyone, plus hotdog lunch on the beach, plus the prettiest run you’ll ever do!


Ask your boss or company to sponsor your team!


"Carpe Gluteus"

1st place Marathon Relay

Pope Beach Finish Area


Relay Marathon Awards and Prizes





Fastest 5 Person  Mixed  team including all Throwdown Teams   

 $1000 purse for team's charity of choice     

Individual Awards for 1st place team members and team name on the perpetual trophy on the LTCC Campus.

Winning team of each Throwdown pairing

$100 purse for winning team’s charity of choice

Frameable Certificate of victory for each winning team. 

5 Person Men's Team


Individual Awards for 1st place team

5 Person Women's Team


Individual Awards for 1st place team

All Relay Teams


Completion Medals for all Finishing Relay Team Runners



Be a Throwdown Team!

« If you think your team’s better than they are, can you prove it?

« Challenge your rivals! – Other groups within your organization, competing stores, schools, fire departments, etc., etc…

« Win $100 if you beat your Throwdown Challenge team plus Win the $1,000 prize if your team has the overall fastest time.

« Create team spirit, have fun, and support the College Foundation!

After you register for the Marathon here, come back and register for the Throwdown by clicking on the Red Box below.


Throwdown Team Guidelines and Benefits


Rules and Benefits for All 5 Person Relays

Using your own car/van gives you the camaraderie of traveling and cheering for your teammates as you progress down the course. You will have the best seats in the house on race day as you and your teammates drive along the course to each hand off point.

Exchange Zones

Start: 7 A.M.  The Marathon start is on Commons Beach in Tahoe City 

1st Leg: 6.3 miles Exchange across from Homewood Ski area in Homewood.  Park in front of the Homewood Ski Area or on Fawn St.  Remember to check in with the exchange judge at each exchange point.

2nd Leg: 5.1 miles Exchange @ 11.4 miles at the north side of the Meeks Bay Firehouse. Park on the right shoulder.

Note: The road is closed southbound at Rubicon Realty at 9:10 a.m. for the start of the Half Marathon.

3rd leg: 4.5 miles ending 6/10th mile up Bliss State Park hill, the 1st large turnout going up the hill. Look for the relay exchange sign. Tiny amount of parking so be careful.  Be sure your support vehicle is south of Rubicon Realty and Glen St before 9:10 a.m. which is the Half Marathon start area.

4th leg: 4.0 miles ending at Inspiration Point. This is the toughest leg. Park to the right of Inspiration Point overlook on the right shoulder.
(This runner could ride a Half Marathon bus from the south and ask to get off at the third exchange zone which is one mile down the hill (going north) from the summit of Bliss State Park hill.)

5th leg: 6.3 miles ending at the finish line.  Downhill for three miles, then move to the bike trail at Spring Creek.  And then the last 5K is flat and fast.  Finish line is at Pope Beach. (This runner could ride a Half Marathon bus from the south and ask to get off at the 10k start line which is near the final exchange zone)

Important Notes:

In past years a couple of slower teams have been caught behind traffic and couldn't get to the 4th or 5th leg in time for the exchange. If your team will not cover the first 13.5 miles in 2 1/2 hours then your 4th and 5th runners should take shuttle buses to the exchange zones. You may want to use the shuttle bus from Tahoe City or South Lake Tahoe to arrive at correct relay zone.

         Buses leave from Tahoe City to the 10K & Half Marathon starts.

        Check the time schedule on the back of your race bib. 




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* All net proceeds from these Marathon Relay events go to the Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation which supports scholarships and programs for the college (