Lake Tahoe Marathon

 Sunday, September 25

The Spectator Buses

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Spectator Bus  Map


A Spectator bus for your family and friends to cheer you on and to view the spectacular scenery of Lake Tahoe.

  1. The Spectator Buses are designed for spectators of the Marathon or the Half Marathon.
  2. Marathoners and spectators will be picked up at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Casino Resort and taken to the Tahoe City start.  Half Marathoners and spectators will be picked up at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel or at the “Y” and taken to the Rubicon start line.   
  3. Spectators can ride any runner's bus to the Tahoe City or Rubicon start lines with their runner.  See the schedule on the back of your runners' race bib for the exact bus schedule.  Remember to pick up your Spectator bus pass at the Expo.
  4. Cost for the Spectator Bus, including the finish line picnic, is $25 for adults. Children 3-17 is $10 and kids under 3 are free. There is no charge for runners with race numbers going to the start lines.  There will be no refunds.
  5. Spectator buses will make stops along the course to watch the runners pass by.  At each bus stop make sure you clearly understand the time the bus will leave to move on to the next stop.  You are responsible to be back on the bus before the departure time.
  6. At the last stop spectators will be dropped off at the front gate of the Pope Beach which is a short 5 minute walk to the finish line where you can greet your winner and join them for post-race lunch. Your Spectator pass is your lunch ticket.
  7. After the race, spectators will be able to join their runner on the runner’s shuttle buses back to your lodging along Hwy 89 or Hwy 50.
  8. Please purchase your spectator bus pass on line when you register or Purchase tickets here.

Marathon Spectator Buses

  1. Each marathon spectator bus will have a specific estimated finish line arrival time -- one at about 11:20am (fast bus) and one at about 12:25pm (slow bus).  You may want to board the bus that will get you to the finish line before your runner arrives.
  2. The Marathon runner’s buses will drop off across the street from Commons Beach where the race starts.  You can hang around with your runner before the start, but be sure to board the spectator buses by 7:50am (10 minutes before the start) when the buses will promptly depart for the 1.25 mile area to watch the pack come by.  This will be a very photogenic place to watch your runner. 
  3. The spectator bus boarding area is in the Bank of America parking lot about 3 blocks beyond the runner bus drop off point so allow for a 5 minute walk.   Be on board BEFORE 7:50am.

Half Marathon Spectator Buses

  1. The Half Marathon buses leave from the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and the “Y” and will drop off runners and spectators at the start line.
  2. After the Half Marathon starts spectators will board the half marathon spectator bus at the top of the hill behind the start line. This Spectator Bus will make one stop at Emerald Bay for pictures and then proceed to the finish line in time to see the first finishers.