Tahoe Triple


  The 14th
Tahoe Triple Marathon
The 8th Super Triple


The 5th Tahoe Double Dare & 3rd Triple Dare & First Quadzilla Dare

2013 Triple Marathoners before the Sunday morning start in Tahoe City

Tracy "Triple" Cohen-Peranteau with her hardware

 Friday-Sunday, October 9-11, 2015
Three days you will never forget

updated: March 22, 2015

Why run three?

1. Three quality stages runs over the entire shoreline of Lake Tahoe over 3 days  and in two states, and finishing with the regular Lake Tahoe Marathon and festivities.
2. Total of 78.6 miles covering two states.
3. Marathon a day for three days.
4. Excellent speed work for your first or next 100 miler.
5. Where else can you run 3 different marathons in 3 days so conveniently??
6. This is a challenging multi-day run at altitude, circumnavigating the 72-mile shoreline of Lake Tahoe + an additional 6 mile overlap to make 3 complete marathons.
7. A 3-day weekend you will never forget. Starting and finishing  with the regular Lake Tahoe Marathon and festivities at Pope Beach..
8. You can run 2 states in the same weekend by running the Tahoe Triple Marathon.

Note: The  (one day) Around the Lake 72 mile ultra record is held by Rae Clark with a time of approximately  9 hours 6 minutes run back in the 70's.


Some of the 2011 Triple Marathoners at the 8 AM  start line in Tahoe City

The 3 courses

The Details

Thursday Night Dinner

Triple Records & Results


Yolonda Holder-"The Walking Diva"- Holds the women's record (101) for most marathons completed in one year.

Articles on  the web about the Tahoe Triple

Triple Runners Ian Sharman Blog account of the Triple

Marathon & Beyond editorial by editor Rich Benyo in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue explains what we do pretty well.

Marathon & Beyond has an article in their March/April issue in the "On the Mark" section with 3 ultra experts giving advice on how to train for the Tahoe Triple.

Go to pages 196-198 to read the advice of 3 expert ultra runners: Theresa Daus-Webber champion and 11 time finishers; multi marathoner Paul Clerici and Rich Benyo finishers of the double Badwater in Death Valley to Mt Whitney summit in July.

Marathon & Beyond has an article in the  Sept/Oct 2009 issue regarding the Triple written by Tony Gialanella. It is on pages 30-39. It is well done, take a look. It has one error regarding the swag we give. Runners get one singlet, not 3. Great pictures in there as well

Peter Lubbers are 3 time and only Super Triple Champion wrote an excellent article on his blog about Rae Clark the long time record holder for running around Lake Tahoe in 9:06.  Peter Lubber's Super Triple Blog  

See the 2009
collection of  Dr Hans Drexler 3 day  of Triple photos on his blog. Text in German but with excellent photography!!     Day  1;     Day 2 and 3;    and   photos only of the lake ( Links repaired on July 1)

See the 2007  slide show of Jakob and Dan's great 3 day Tahoe Triple adventure running around Lake Tahoe.

 Jon Paul Gallery

The Super Triple

You may up the ante by choosing the Super Triple option which is the first 2 marathons on Friday and Saturday, but instead of the 3rd marathon run the 72 mile Ultra starting at 10 P.M. starting later on that Saturday night. Usually 10-12 athletes do this each year.


Link to Interview with Thomas Reiss our 2005 champ, and our 2006 runner up.

from left:
Thomas Reiss 2005 Triple Champion,
Deborah Hamberlin  2006 Triple Champion,
Sean Meissner 2006 Ultra 72 Champion



Johann Oosthuizen 2006 Triple Champion (left)
& Sean Meissner 2006 72 Mile Ultra Champion

Laura Bleakley and Thomas Reiss
2005 Champs Triple Champions



Four Time Winner Sean Meissner soaking in the lake at Zephyr Cove Beach after the first day's run

4 Time Triple Champ Sean Meissner shares his Triple Marathon
training secrets & schedule here.

Jo Goner has run  5 Triples and shares his wisdom here.

Sean & Jo, thanks for sharing.

Peter Lubber's Blog on running and winning the Super Triple

Peter Lubber's GPS recording of Marathon #1

Peter Lubber's GPS recording of Marathon #2

Triple Veteran Kim Budzik's story  from the Houston Chronicle 2008


Triple Results and Records

2003 Starters, Day 1

2004 Starters, Day 1

2005 Triple Starts Day 1


First day mile 3.5


Helen (81 year old world record holder) & Norm Klein, Day 1 start area        

Comments from past Tahoe Triples

See more recent comments on www.MarathonGuide.com


Just wanted to take a second and say thanks for a
great event. This was my first Triple, and the
experience was fantastic. The run itself was amazing,
the views and the terrain were phenomenal. Even better
than the course was the atmosphere. The other runners
and their support teams were the best. My crew had
such a good time that they have all already
volunteered to come back with me next year (thankfully
I want to do it again, I would be in trouble if I
Although I think I had the best crew out there (I
might be biased), I received help from everyone's
crews. My heartfelt thanks to all the other runners
and their crews for their support and encouragement.
My congratulations to everyone who ran, you are all
truly incredible athletes.
           Andrew Mitchell
             Bib 580

Thanks for a great three days.  You run a class A event and consider everything to make it enjoyable for everyone.
 Race time becomes insignificant when you consider the company and the scenery.
 Running the triple allowed me to accomplish a goal my family and friends all said could be done.  One friend even gave me last rights the week before the race.  I told them I was just one crazy among a group of crazies.
 Thanks Again.
 Phil Perrone

I'm not the most emotional person in the world but when I hit mile 20
on the third day of the triple, looked at the most spectacular view of the
lake on my left, and realized that I had run around the entire lake, I got kind
of choked up. What can I say - running the triple was an experience of a
lifetime. I came in VERY nervous. Met you briefly at the expo of the
chronicle and got the impression that you thought I had no idea what I
was getting myself into (and you were right...). Then at the pre-race
dinner on Wednesday night I was sitting at a table with a bunch of 50-staters. At
home my 11 (well, now 14) marathons makes me a superstar. At my table, the
person with the second least number of marathons had run 168. My nerves went
into pre-race overdrive.
What else can I say - this run was the most physically and mentally
challenging thing I have ever done in my life. I woke up on the third
day with severe pain in my calf (Austin called me gimpy at the start line
b/c I tried to run and just couldn't). But somehow I was able to pull through
and keep going. (I'm babbling here). What made it so great - the challenge,
the scenery, the runners, everyone's amazing support crews...
Anyway, my point is that I had a great weekend. Going from the kid who
was picked last in gym class to someone who can run 79 miles in a weekend
with hills and altitude is quite an accomplishment - I've been on such a
high all
week. There were a few treacherous traffic points but otherwise, two
thumbs up.So, I could go on forever and ever about my weekend (my poor friends and
coworkers are so bored listening to me) but I guess I should end it
here. Had fun, and even made it out of the race with all ten toenails and no
blisters. Maybe I'm cut out for this ultra-thing.
Thanks again
-Stacey  (Triple 617)

On behalf of the 50 States Marathon Club, we would like to express our
appreciation for the hard work you, your staff, and volunteers put into
the events this year.  For those of us who ran the Triple, the
marathons will be etched in our memories because of all the new friends we made
and all the hills we climbed.

Thanks again.
Steve& Paula Boone

I thought the idea of the buffet before the Triple meeting was a great idea. There was an excellent variety of food and it all tasted great. Again, it was a great running and learning experience for me and I look forward to doing it again next year.  Keep up the good work.

By the way, the Triple was a blast.    I soaked in the lake after day 3 and took a long gaze at the shoreline around the lake.  It was a great feeling to know I ran around the whole thing!  I'm thinking I just might be back next year.  

John Dovala
Dear Les,
Thanks for a beautiful weekend.
The Tahoe Triple run was a super event.
I love every minute of the run. 
Again, thanks for a great weekend.
Tom Adair    (Bib #501)Alpharetta, GA  



My heart goes out to everyone that finished the triple this year.  I was a spectator for the first time after running the previous two years.  The passion that I saw in everyone and determination was great.  I want to congratulate  all and I will see everyone again this coming year.  To my dad that ran his best time, outstanding performance.  He has inspired me once again to take on this difficult event next year.
Mark Groner


  Thanks to all your crew and yourself for the great
experience at the triple.  It was an incredibly
majestic, tough, and heartwarming experience/course,
and the most awesome place I have ever run.  The 4 of
us "flatlanders" from Illinois had the best time and
were extremely challenged.  We will never forget the
experience you've provided us.  Congrats to all
finishers....you're heroes to me!

Spencer Nelson 2003
Bib #742

Many, many thanks to you & your team (most especially to the wonderful &
ever patient Austin Angell) for putting on such a great event last week. A
unique, tough & unforgettable experience in my life, without question.
Rubbing shoulders with your top athletes (Sean, Alex, Jeff and Gretchen) was
a remarkable privilege - I never cease to be impressed by the capability,
humility and drive of folks like these.
I'd recommend to anyone in good shape & injury-free (certainly not to the
faint-hearted or to whiners! they should stay home). Hope to make it back
next year.
Best regards,
Russell Secker #758


  Thank you, Marty and Angell for a great job of getting us around the Lake,  Getting to run through Inspiration Point twice was the highlight of the weekend for me, breath taking and definitely awe inspiring!  Many thanks to all the crew members for the their support and encouragement along the way (especially from my running buddy crew, Jim and Shawna.   Great Job!).  I really had a great time and experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants to reach out and see how far they can go. Standing on the beach Sunday and looking around the Lake at what I had accomplished, will be something I will never forget. It will keep me running through the long, winter days ahead until next year,  when I can do it all over again.
Wonderful race and job well done! Larry Preston Bib 141

Hello Les and Ultra Marathon Staff!
I just wanted to write a brief note to let you know that I truly did have an experience of a lifetime completing the 3 Stage Ultra!  After weeks and months of worrying about completing three marathons in a row I can't believe I did it...and am feeling so strong!  The other Ultra Marathoners gave so much support and encouragement, especially the last day!  Thanks ever so much for allowing me the opportunity to gain so much confidence in my Marathoning abilities!  From start to finish the camaraderie among the 'Ultras' was amazing, something I have never felt before while doing a regular marathon.  Thanks again for the best marathon adventure I have done to date!  It will certainly be hard to find another marathon that can compare with the overall sense of accomplishment!  Please pass on a special thanks to Marty, Angell and Edward Kelly!  They were super!
Cheers and happy Marathoning!
Kris Stevens, Sidney/Victoria BC


Comments from the 2001 Ultra 3 day Stage Marathon


I had a fantastic time doing the 3-day Ultra. The concept and the course
were remarkable. I would compare it to some other past racing experience
but the whole event was completely unique. It was also great to make new
friends among the other runners and their crews. As I told Marty at the
finish line, don't change anything for next year. The event had the perfect
mix of organization and "roughness" that makes ultra running so much fun. I
am already counting the days until next year's race.

Thanks again for a great time....... Dave Cunningham.


I really had a wonderful time at your first Ultra 3 Day Stage Race. As I told Marty, it was the most incredible
running experience of my life so far. I think it was well organized, and all of the other ultra runners I
talked to seemed to enjoy themselves, as well.......Sean Meissner

I ran the 3 day ultra and I just wanted to thank everyone for what turned out
to be the one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Everyone
involved was so nice and helpful, and there was a camaraderie amongst the
runners that I've never felt before. It was great to also get to know the
other runner's support groups, which you never get a chance to do. My wife
Naomi, who was my support "team", really enjoyed helping out the other
runners with Gatorade, cookies, etc. At least that's what she told me. I
especially wanted to thank Marty for all of his hard work. It did not go

Thanks again and hopefully I'll be recovered in time for next year,

Ronald Kageyama

Fantastic event...thanks to all who support and help...a must run for all runners...Bud

Les...Thank you for all the effort and time on the 3 day event. From now
on whenever I see a map of Lake Tahoe there will be a little extra smile
because of this event. I had a great time and will be back next year.



The Mexican 6




some Marathon Maniacs  mile 3 day 1


                    Thomas Reiss 2005 winner