Tahoe Triple


   Tahoe Triple Marathon


 Friday-Sunday, September 11-14,2014
Three days you will never forget

updated: Dec 1, 2013

The 3 courses

Thursday Night Dinner

Triple Records & Results



Tahoe Triple & 72 Mile Ultra News & the new Double Dare:

Start times for the Triple will be:
7 a.m. on Friday; 7 a.m. on Saturday, and 7 a.m. on Sunday

Johan Oosthuizen from South Africa did break the Guinness World Record for 3 consecutive Marathons here at Lake Tahoe in 2006. The old record was set April 16-18, 1988 at Belfast (2:45:55), London (2:48:45), and Boston (2:47:51) with a combined time of 8:22:31.  The new Tahoe Triple and World record is 8:11:08

See below for all the Tahoe winners and records.

The 72 Mile Ultra has been run for years and put on by many different groups.  We  started the  the latest version of the Tahoe 72.2 Mile Ultra  in 2006. With the mid-night start the runners shoot at arriving at the start line of the regular marathon at or near 8:30 AM and to join the regular Marathoners. That would be after 46 miles and hopefully after 8.5 hours. 

About twelve runners will sign up for the unique Super Triple which is:
 26.2 x 26.2 x 72.2 miles

The  Tahoe Double Dare is running two 72 milers around the lake, each in opposite directions.

The  Triple Dare is running 72 miles around the lake 3 times.

There will also be marathoners running the Friday or Saturday Marathon a la carte with the Triple Marathoners.


 The event is limited to 150 runners.

Details and Stuff

About 7 or 8 aid stations will be provided on Friday & Saturday

Each of the three runs will be timed and added together for overall results.

Itís recommended that each runner  have a handler and vehicle. Runners will need to find there own transportation back after day 1 & 2.

Time limit on Friday and Saturday  is 6 hours. An early start for slower anticipated finishers can be arranged.

On Day 1 & 2,  mile markers are every 5 miles.

See Elevation Chart

Link to the 50 States Marathon Club


Camping Tip:

There is a 10 space camp ground right at the start line of the 10K at Inspiration Point.
This is also the start line of the first day of the Triple Marathon.
First come first serve for about $14/night.
Do not park plan on parking or leaving your car outside of the Campground at Inspiration Point the night before the 10K race.
 It will be towed away and cited.
Parking there  will interfere with the narrow start area of the 10K and could prevent our buses from turning around.

Awards & Swag:

  • $500 and special award to first man and women overall winners .
  • Finishers medal and finishers wind shirts for the regular marathon
  • Finishers license plate holder
  • Commemorative stand up plaque for all finishers showing the 3 different marathons.
  • Special Triple Marathon racing singlet for all competitors while running.
  • Event leader will wear a special Yellow leaders singlet while running during day 2 & 3.
  • Event wind shirt
  • Race bag



First Day

Runners will go around the busy casino core on the Lower Loop road behind the Horizon and Harvey's, see map grey route on map below. The important turn is at the Park Tahoe Inn Aid Station on the corner of H50 & Park Ave.

The Swim and the Kayak events will take place on Lakeside Beach on Friday as well.




The Courses:

Day 1: Start near Inspiration Point over looking Emerald Bay. Down hill for 3 miles, flattish for 19 miles, gentle  hill up the old Glenbrook Road (closed to traffic) over the final 3 miles with downhill finish to near Spooner Lake. Mostly paved, with some areas where you can run on the dirt shoulder. Bike path through woods in the Camp Richardson- Baldwin Beach area and along the West side of Lake Tahoe.


13 mile aid station: The Royal Valhalla Lodge will provide a fixed aid station at about mile 13 at their property at Lake Side Beach at Stateline. (Same time and same place as the Kayak and Swim events). This lake side lodging would be a great place to stay. Just 3 blocks to the Expo and a great place to soak in the lake after your run.


17 mile aid station: Zephyr Cove Lodge will host a fixed aid station for you. After the run, on the way back from the finish,  stop off with your supporters at Zephyr Cove Lodge to soak in the lake and buy them lunch before heading to the Expo at the Embassy Suites  to pick up your wind shirt. Friday a la carte Marathoners will receive their finishers medals and license plate at the finish line.

Day 2: Start on the road across and near Spooner Lake State Park, gentle down hill for 13 miles to Incline Village. Final 13 rolley with one bigger hill at Crystal Bay.  Down hill final 5 miles into Tahoe City. Finish on Commons Beach in Tahoe City. Saturday a la carte Marathoners will receive their finishers medals and license plate at the finish line. Windshirts at the expo.

Day 3: The regular Marathon Course  from Commons Beach in Tahoe City to Pope Beach with full aid stations.