Tahoe Triple


         Tahoe Triple Marathon

The 3 courses

The Details

Thursday Night Dinner

Triple Records & Results

Transportation to the start lines

You will be transported  each morning to that day's start line, which will be near where you finished the day before.  Your support team will be needed for the ride home. Your crew will be responsible for getting you back to your hotel. If you come alone with out support you will need to buy a few beers Thursday night at the included buffet dinner  and arrange a ride after the race for  Friday & Saturday. Sunday you will  take the regular Marathon transportation from the Embassy Suites.


Race Start times

Bus Departure From
Emerald Bay to Spooner Summit 7:00 a.m. on Friday  6 AM Near Embassy Suites
Spooner Summit to Tahoe City 7:45a.m. on Saturday 6:45 AM Near Embassy Suites
Tahoe City to Pope Beach 7 a.m.  on Sunday with marathoners Near Embassy Suites




First day mile 3.5


Helen (81 year old world record holder) & Norm Klein, Day 1 start area        


The Mexican 6


some Marathon Maniacs  mile 3 day 1